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Our Wedding Dress Display Box: High Quality Inside out

It took several years of research and study to understand fabrics and how they behave, breathe, and react in nature. What we’ve learned over the years is how to safeguard and protect these delicate fibers from staining, discoloration, degradation, and yellowing. We’ve integrated years of research knowledge and expertise into designing our high-quality Wedding Dress Preservation Chest. 

The main fundamental aspect was to develop the nation's most valued wedding dress display box. This display box protects your glorious wedding gown while also allowing you, your loved ones, and whoever may want (today or even years after) to view your pristine gown through the stylish peeping pane.

Essentials of our High-Quality Acid and Lignin free Display box

Other companies may not pay detailed attention to the packaging box and use cheaper glossy white-coated cardboard instead. Boxes made from low-quality materials cause yellowing from the box’s chemicals leaching onto your white wedding gown. Consequently, this results in browning called “Spot Scorching”.

Each successfully restored wedding gown goes into a customized, well-ventilated display box made from superior-quality materials. The boxing is breathable and fabric-friendly, which is light and gentle on fabric. We use a preservation chest made without any acid or lignin. The reason we use acid-free and lignin-free materials all throughout – is to ensure there are no traces of chemicals getting to your gown, no matter how many years it stays in the box. 

We are committed to using top-quality acid and lignin-free materials all throughout the manufacturing of our display boxes. This ensures that your restored wedding gown satisfies its industry-leading 100-year anti-staining and anti-yellowing guarantee.

The 100-year guarantee promises that your dress remains in the same pristine condition it was delivered to you, even after 100 years of storing it inside the box.

Acid and Lignin-free Tissue Paper Packing: Even inside the box Assures Quality Packing

Using the best quality paper packing for your dress even inside the box is an important quality control step to adhere to. Your restored wedding gown will therefore not shift around in the display box. The gown remains comfortably intact within the display box.

Initially, we tried and tested various tissue materials. Once we found museum-quality material that demonstrated the best results, we chose the most superior brand for the packing inside all our restored gowns. The packing inside the box is as important as the display box itself because your dress comes in contact with the materials. And so, even the inside packing is free from acid and lignin. That’s because we want nothing but the best for all our brides who trust us.

Relive Memories at Every Glance Through the UV-coated Peeping Pane

With a customer-focused approach, we want our brides to know how much care and effort we put into restoring each gown to its original look. Most importantly we want our brides to be happy with what they see not only when they receive it but also after several years of storing it. 

We are very careful and strict about the protocols and quality control procedures we follow for restoring each wedding gown. There have also been horrifying instances of brides reaching out to us with unsuccessful cleaning processes from other wedding gown cleaning companies. And we are happy to say that we’ve also restored gowns that have been badly stained, and discolored, some of which resulted from procedures from other cleaning companies. 

Always inspect to believe! We created the Ultra Violet (UV) coated Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) peeping pane, where you can look to check how your gown is doing inside its box. This special UV-coated PET peeping pane is a small plastic window on the face of the box that allows you to see your dress anytime you want without having to remove it from its box. Since it is UV-coated, the PET material protects your restored gown from the damaging sun’s UV rays, which can otherwise damage the delicate fibers of the gown.

High-Quality Preservation Bust: Preserves the Shape of Your Restored Gown

Did you know that fabric folds also result in permanent damage to your dress? In addition to stains, yellowing, and discoloration, permanent fabric folds are also a big problem. Our solution to guarantee no permanent fabric folds after the restoration process is to use an acid-free preservation bust which functions as a holder to correctly hold your gown.

The preservation bust retains the shape of your restored wedding gown in the preservation chest, no matter the shape of your dress. Our efficient and skilled team that boxes every gown knows how to pack and preserve every gown style. No stains, no discoloration, or fabric folds! And should a loved one in the future choose to carry on your legacy by wearing that restored gown, you will be amazed to see your gown in immaculate condition!

Customized Wedding Dress Display boxes for dresses of Every Size

Wedding dresses are of various types and designs. A-lines, mermaids, trumpets, ball gowns, or T-lengths. We know that not every wedding dress will fit in a box of one size. So, we have custom-sized our boxes into three main sizes. 

We haven’t come across a single dress that wouldn’t fit in any of our boxes. Whatever the dress, whether mermaid, sleek ruffled to even various styles of Quinceañera dresses, we’ve managed to fit them well into our high-quality custom-sized wedding dress preservation chests.

An Additional Superior, and Sturdy Preservation Chest Storage Box for Your Restored Wedding Dress

The additional superior and sturdy corrugated cardboard storage box that covers the inner display box guarantees that your dress remains in the pristine condition that it was restored to. The strong and sturdy external covering also ensures no spills, sunlight, hands, or other potential contaminants get to your dress.

The meticulous storage process is indispensable to our 100-year warranty. It is no wonder that we have carefully yet precisely mastered the art of storage because we want to be sure that your gown stays in its restored form even after 100 years.

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Be assured that your valuable, and most precious memory from your big day remains in perfect condition for future generations to admire and cherish. And who knows if your children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren may even want to wear it one day? What an incredible legacy!

Ordering your kit and getting your wedding gown restored is a quick, easy, and hassle-free process. Order your kit now for your wedding gown cleaning and preservation, to preserve your gown in its most pristine form for generations to come!