Cleaning And Preservation Services

What’s the difference between the preservation packages?


  • $500 Declared Insurance Value
  • White Preservation Chest
  • Steam pressing of gown (*if required)


  • $2,000 Declared Insurance value
  • Silver Preservation Chest
  • Hand pressing of gown (*if required)

Note: The Celebrity Line is recommended for all silk, couture, or any gown worth more than $500. * We only press your gown if it is required and recommended for your particular gown IS THE CLEANING PROCESS DIFFERENT BETWEEN THE TRADITIONAL PACKAGE AND THE CELEBRITY PACKAGE?

No, both packages receive the same amount of care when it comes to the spot cleaning and dry cleaning procedure.


Wedding Gown Restoration service is required for any gown over 20 years old. This restoration procedure is done completely by hand. This service is also excellent for gowns that were originally bought or worn over 20 years ago, or any gown less than 20 years’ old that is badly yellowed or stained.

Is the cleaning process different between the traditional package and the celebrity package?

No, both packages receive the same amount of care when it comes to the spot cleaning and dry cleaning procedure.

Why and when would I need restoration services for my gown?

Wedding Gown Restoration service is required for any gown over 20 years old. This restoration procedure is done completely by hand. This service is also excellent for gowns that were originally bought or worn over 20 years ago, or any gown less than 20 years’ old that is badly yellowed or stained.

Sending And Shipping

How do I send in my gown in your facility?

After you have placed your order in our website, you will receive your complimentary shipping package from The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company located in New Jersey.  It includes the shipping box, for you to place your gown, prepaid shipping label and other shipping materials. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions that will be included in your package.

Do I need to clean my gown before sending it in?

No. Our service includes all of the cleaning services to ensure that your gown will properly clean and preserve.

I'm afraid that my gown might be lost/stolen during transit? How can I be confident that my gown will be safe?

This is a common concern of every bride. We know how valuable your gown is to you. Your wedding gown is a personal item, which is much more valuable to you than anyone else. We utilize UPS who provides tracking information for shipping of your gown both ways. This way you will always know exactly where your dress is at all times. Insurance is also included in each package.

The best way to confirm delivery of your gown is through UPS’s tracking website. Please be sure to keep your UPS tracking number provided with the pre-paid shipping label you receive. You can utilize UPS MyChoice to set up a delivery confirmation. Simply click here and get UPS to set up.

Can I use one address and shipped it to another address?

Yes, the preservation package you order online will be sent to the address you specify. Once you receive your complimentary shipping kit there will be an order form that you can specify where you would like the gown returned to. Please note that if you change the return address for your gown and the new address is an Alaska, Hawaii, APO or FPQ address, there is a shipping extra charge of $70.00. If the new return address in is in the lower 48 states, there is no additional shipping charge.

Can I change the shipping address once the kit or dress has already been picked up by ups?

Yes, Please take note that there will be additional charge of $25 that we pass on from UPS to change the address once the package is already out for delivery.

How can I be sure you’ve received my wedding dress for preservation?

Please be sure to keep your UPS tracking number provided with the pre-paid shipping label you receive. The best way to confirm delivery is through UPS’s tracking website. You will also receive an email confirmation once your gown has been entered into the tracking system, which can take several business days after it has been received. Please do not be concerned if you have not received an email confirmation, as the best tracking method is directly via UPS’s website. If UPS shows that your gown has been delivered, then it has safely arrived and is in queue for entry into the database.

You may also call 800-830-4665 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM (EST) Monday through Friday, or you can send an e-mail to Provide your pre-paid order number (DSXXXXX) and your UPS tracking number and a customer service representative can tell you when your gown was received. If you include your email address on the form you send in with your gown, you will also be notified when your gown is complete and on the way back to you with a UPS tracking number.

You can also check the status of your gown after it has arrived at the cleaning facility and been checked in. CHECK YOUR GOWN STATUS

Do you send my wedding dress somewhere else after I send it to your company?

No, all of the wedding dress cleaning and preservation is done in New York where you sent your gown. Please note that only our sales office is located in Freehold, New Jersey.


What does the shipping insurance cover?

The shipping insurance covers you in the event that your dress is lost, stolen or damaged from the point you send in your dress to the time you received it back.
Additional insurance may be purchased at checkout in increments of $1,000 additional coverage for $30 each. Please note that insurance covers the worth of the gown and any accessories sent in with your order. For insurance claim, a receipt for the original purchase price of all items (wedding dress, veil, etc) will be required.

Can I add additional insurance to secure my wedding gown, what do I need to do?

Yes! While the traditional wedding gown cleaning and preservation includes $500 of declared value insurance. The Celebrity wedding gown cleaning and preservation includes $2,000 of declared value insurance. Extra insurance is $3 for every $100.

Cleaning And Preservation Process

What are the difference between ‘wedding dress cleaning’ and ‘wedding dress preservation’?

Dry cleaning offers a basic wedding dress cleaning of visible dirt and stains. Nevertheless, it does not protect against the long-term yellowing, fabric deterioration, or invisible stains that can surface over time that may ruin your precious gown.

What is the procedure that you apply during the wedding gown cleaning?

The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company has several different procedures that are used for wedding gown cleaning. Before cleaning each gown is prudently assessed by an expert specialist. Gowns are inspected under UV light to identify invisible stains to the naked eye. We guarantee that all of the procedures being applied are safe, gentle, and eco-friendly

What stains are removed with your wedding dress cleaning procedure?

We are able to remove 95% of stains found on the gowns that we process. If a particularly difficult stain is found, we apply our policy of not compromising the fabric of your gown. The types of stains we successful remove are the following: Dirt, Grease, Sugar Staining, Blood, Tar, Grass, Mud, grease and food are the most common, and of course any sugar stains such as cake icing, wine or other types of beverages.

Please take note that while all stains will be attempted to be removed without compromising the fabric of your gown, we cannot guarantee that all stains will be able to be completely removed.

What type of repairs are you able to make on my gown?

We have an expert, in-house staff of tailors and seamstress experts that can repair your gown for a very small fee. If we find damage on your gown we will contact, you with the option to repair the damage and a cost to do so. If you know ahead of time that dress was damaged, then please specify on your paperwork ahead of time.

What does wedding gown restoration involve?

Wedding Gown Restoration service is a delicate procedure done completely by hand and required for any gown over 20 years old. This service must be joint with either the Traditional or Celebrity packages. If your gown has metal backed buttons our in-house seamstress will detached that prior to restoring and cleaning your gown. The metal buttons will rust in our cleaning procedure and therefore need to be detached. There is no charge for our seamstress to remove the buttons. We are sorry to say that the original metal backed buttons should not be put back on the gown but we will replace it with newer buttons. We can ship the old buttons back with your restored, cleaned and preserved gown at no charge. Should you wish to have this service completed by our in-house seamstress the fee will range from $29 to $69 depending on the number and complexity. Our seamstress will contact you to see how you want to proceed prior to removing any metal buttons or having them replaced.

Accessories And Packaging

What kind of accessories can I include to be preserved together with my cleaning and preservation?

Up to 5 items can be included to be preserved for FREE. These can include gloves, veil, train, hat, jacket, shawl, garter, ring pillow, money bag, purse, and garter, handkerchief, cape, duster.

In the event that you have more than 5 items that you'd like preserved, you'll be charged $10 for each additional items. We also offer preservation for shoes, slip, and a silk bouquet for an extra $25 each.

Can I request to have a separately boxed for my accessories (not inside the preservation chest)?

Yes. You may have a separate box for an additional $25 per item. This option is available at checkout. Please take note that this service is not sold separately. It must be combined with one of our cleaning and preservation services. This is a good option for your veil or shoes.

What can be seen through the display window?

Through the display window, you will be able to see your gown and veil if you include it. Other items are placed near the bottom of the gown. The preservation chest display window in 25″ x 13″.

What are the dimensions of the preservation chest I will receive my dress in after it is cleaned and preserved?

There are 3 sizes of preservation chests available. Depending on the size of your gown and any extra accessories you may have included, a determination is made to ensure the best fit. Below are the dimensions of each as measured in inches (Length x Width X Depth)
Standard: 33″ x 19″ x 7″

Large: 33″ x 19″ x 10″

Extra Large: 33″ x 19″ x 13″

The window on the front of the preservation chest is oval and the measrurements are 25″ by 13″


After I place my order, how long does it take to receive the kit ?

Your complimentary shipping kit will be sent to you via UPS Ground from The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company located in New Jersey. Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company is the Top Online Authorized dealer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company. Delivery time will vary to where your shipping address is located. For an estimated delivery time, please refer to our delivery estimate page.

How long is the cleaning and preservation process of my wedding gown?

Most gowns are processed within 20 – 30 days from the time they are received. Once complete, your gown will be shipped back to you by UPS Ground. On average, you should receive your gown within 4 – 10 weeks. For a more accurate estimated delivery time from the time your dress is completed, please refer to our delivery estimate page.


If I accidentally open the box and reseal it, does it void the warranty?

No. Your warranty will still be valid. In the event you need to open it, we include "sealing squares" which you can use to reseal the seams of your preservation kit. However, we highly ask that you should not take-off your gown completely out of the Preservation Chest. Chance of environmental contaminants, such as oil from your skin, will void your 100-year warranty.

Is my gown guaranteed?

YES! Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company provides a 100% Guarantee for 100 years against yellowing of the gown. Any signs of dress yellowing, you may contact us and The Wedding Gown Preservation Company will re-clean and preserve your gown for FREE. If processing is unsuccessful, we will refund the preservation cost.

If it was opened unintentionally, can I reseal the box myself ?

Your wedding dress preservation chest is sealed when shipped to you. This is intended to protect it against dust and dirt, but is not air-tight as fabric needs to ‘breathe’. In case if the chest is opened, you will also receive sealing squares to place inside the seams of the preservation chest. Opening the chest will not void the guarantee. Only complete removal of the gown from the chest will void the 100 year guarantee.


Where do I find out more about my personalize choices?

Please visit our Personalize page for all the information you need to customize your wedding dress preservation chest.

APO, FPO, ALASKA And hawaii shipping addresses

Do you ship to APO, FPO, ALASKA and hawaii addresses?

Yes! We now ship to APO, FPO, Alaska and Hawaii addresses. Please note that there is a $70 shipping surcharge for shipping to these addresses.

What are the delivery times to alaska, hawaii, apo and fpo addresses?

Delivery times to Alaska and Hawaii are approximately 7-10 business days. Delivery to an APO or FPO address typically takes between 10-21 days. These are estimates only. Delivery times may vary.

How is the complimentary shipping kit sent to me for alaska, hawaii, apo and fpo addresses?

For Alaska, Hawaii, APO and FPO addresses the shipping kit is mailed via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Included in the shipping kit you will find a secure, heavy duty, water resistant (Tyvek®) shipping bag (instead of a cardboard box) for sending us your dress. Your dress will be well protected from moisture, dirt, or damage in this very heavy duty shipping bag.

How do I send in my dress from an alaska or hawaii address?

After you place your order, you will receive a complimentary shipping kit which includes a secure, sturdy, water-resistant shipping bag and 3 part form. Please complete the multi-part form with your email address and make sure the return address for your dress is correct. Then place the white and yellow copies in the shipping bag with your dress and seal the bag. Keep the pink copy for your records.

You will need to send your wedding gown to us via the US Postal Service at your own expense, as shipping is not included for APO and FPO addresses. It is also recommended that you purchase insurance from the US Postal Service to cover your dress during transit. The insurance that comes with our service only covers the dress against loss or damage once it is received at the cleaning facility.

Once my dress has been cleaned and preserved, how is it returned to my apo or fpo address?

Once your dress has been cleaned and preserved, it will be sent back to you through the US Postal Service free of charge from Farmingdale, New Jersey

Additional questions

Where should I direct any additional questions or concerns?

If you have questions prior to sending in your gown, please contact the Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company (click here for our contact information). If you have questions after you have sent in your gown, you may call Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company directly at (800) 830-4665 and a representative will gladly assist you. The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company’s business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Do you have questions or concerns?

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