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Your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit contains several items to make the process easier for both brides and for us to identify problem areas.

Sending Your Wedding Dress to Us

After you've placed your secure order for your wedding gown preservation kit, you'll receive your welcome kit in just 3-5 days. The preservation kit will contain the following:

  • Crush-Proof Box - This is intended to ensure the safety of your wedding gown while shipping going to our facility.
  • Preservation Bag - This is a hefty duty water proof bag, to ensure that there’s no water or moisture can enter that may damage your gown during shipment.
  • Paperwork - This form will have your prepaid shipping tag to fill out, and extra copy of your record will be given to you. If you wish to receive updates from your gown, you may need to fill-in your e-mail address. Please take note that you can include a check for any additional items you'd like to take in to be preserved.
  • Stain Stickers - Use these fabric-friendly stickers to point out any stains that are noticeable to you on your gown. This will help us with the stain identification procedure during the cleaning process.
  • Packaging Tape - This is heavy duty packing tape, use this to seal the box.
  • Instructions - Detailed instructions is provided to make sure that you did everything correctly.

What you will receive with your Preserved Gown?

  • Preservation Chest - Your cleaned and preserved wedding gown and accessories inside is sealed.
  • Preservation Bust - Inside the chest, your gown is perfectly formed to our custom shaped bust to keep the shape of your gown and to avoid fabric wrinkles over time.
  • Preservation Box - Your preservation chest will be kept in our high density preservation box with handle that retains your preservation chest in perfect form through the years.
  • White Gloves - We are proud of our service. We provide you a white glove so you can inspect your preserved gown and to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with our work.
  • Guarantee - You'll receive a certificate of 100 year guarantee on our service.

We believed that we've covered everything when it comes to preserving your wedding gown. We've been serving brides to preserve their gowns for through the years. Why trust anyone with your greatest valued memento from your wedding day?

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