How do we do it?

The 5-step process that helps us achieve the highest level of dress restoration:

STEP 1: Place and customized your order with us

Choose amongst our affordable wedding dress preservation packages. We do customization of your preservation chest with a design tailored-fit to your personal preferences. All our orders are guaranteed by a 30-day return policy if there is any problem when you receive our product.

STEP 2: We get everything ready for you

Our Wedding Dress Preservation kit will be on your doorsteps within 3-6 business days via UPS. It contains everything you need to securely pack your wedding dress before you ship it to our cleaning and preservation facility. There is no need to stress over how to pack your gown because we already got you covered.

STEP 3: Send your wedding dress to us

There is a prepaid UPS shipping label that comes with your wedding dress shipping kit. Use that to send your gown to us with insurance included in your package. You can guarantee that your dress is insured from the moment you bring it to UPS until you receive it back from us after the cleaning and preservation are done.

STEP 4: We make your gown look brand new

Our fabric experts will thoroughly check your gown upon receipt and look for the damages that need to be repaired. We use museum quality cleaning and preservation processes with our SYSTEMK4 high standard fabric cleaning technology.

Your wedding dress and an additional 5 accessories will then be placed on a preservation bust form and placed in our secured acid-free bridal dress preservation chest. We provide a guarantee to our clients that only acid-free materials are included in our wedding dress preservation kit as it helps in keeping the gown preserved for a long period.

STEP 5: You will receive your wedding dress with full satisfaction

We will send it back to you as soon as we are done with the processes. It has a 100-year certificate of guarantee which you can use for future purposes if your gown needs to be cleaned and preserved again. Our team will send you an email when your gown is on the way!

Wedding gown preservation kit inclusions

  • Well built shipping container
  • Air-tight bag
  • Prepaid UPS shipping label
  • Stain stickers that you can use to put special instructions for areas that need special attention.
  • Prepaid order form for cleaning and preserving your dress with an additional of up to 5 accessories for free.
  • Packaging tape
  • Complete packing instructions
  • Instructions for the customization of your preservation chest
  • Order form for additional accessories (We have additional charges for 6 or more accessories)