For over 100 years, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been refining the process of wedding dress preservation. We know how important it is that your gown retains the beauty and magic of your wedding day. When you send your gown to us, it receivesonly the best treatment and care.

From the moment it leaves your hands, our knowledgeable staff is there, every step of the way. We use the most cutting edge technology built specifically to clean and preserve your dress. You can be assured that the memories of your wedding day will be perfectly preserved and ready to be enjoyed by future generations.

5. Hemming and Beading Repairs

Our expert staff of seamstresses will meticulously inspect your dress to make sure that every bead and stitch is in its place. Each seamstress has years of gown experience beneath them to ensure that each thread is restored to itspurchasing condition.

There is nothing worse than finding a pull or tear in the fabric of your gown. Of course, with all the activities on your wedding day, this can become an unfortunate reality for many brides. High-impact areas like hemlines, shoulder seams, and zippers can easily snag as you step out of the limo or electric slide on the dance floor.

Luckily, we have an expert team of seamstresses who have an eye for identifying and fixing any existing or potential problem spots.

Some common fabric issues include:

  • Pulls
  • Runs
  • Lace Damage
  • Organza Tears
  • Worn Material
  • Loose Adornments (crystals, sequins, etc.)

Boxing Your Gown in the Preservation Chest

At this point in the preservation process your dress has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired. It is now ready to be carefully placed in its own, beautiful preservation chest. Your dress will be carefully secured within the chest alongside your 5 optional accessories. Each piece will be secured within the chest using our unique tie-down system. This system ensures that your dress is secure without causing stress or wrinkling of the fabric.

In addition to this, the preservation chest contains only acid-free tissue paper in order to ensure that there is no chemical leaching or degradation from surrounding materials. A viewing window allows you to showcase your dress while still protecting it from dust or UV damage.

Your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit will also includes:

  • Preservation Bust to Prevent Fabric Wrinkling Over Time
  • Muslin wrap or Acid Free Tissue Paper
  • 100 Year Certificate of Guarantee

Each piece of the preservation chest has been carefully considered to ensure that your dress looks as dazzling as the day you bought it even at the expiration of our 100 year guarantee.

If you have any further questions about our repair or boxing process, feel free to reference our FAQ section or give us a call between (855) 227-9235 M-F 9am-5pm EST.

Frequently asked questions

What if my gown/dress needs additional repairs?

If it happens, we'll give you a call. We'll talk about what we can do and any extra costs. We won't fix anything major without asking you first.

My wedding gown’s adornment is loose. What should I do?

When sending your gown, include loose adornments in the bag. Our seamstress can reattach them. Fill out paperwork carefully. If your adornments are missing, we may have extras for your dress.

I have a large gown. Do you have a kit to fit it?

Our kits come in different sizes to fit all gown sizes and shapes, even large ones. Every wedding dress we've received fits in our shipping box or preservation chest without any problems.

Will my accessories related to my wedding gown be preserved in the dress preservation chest?

Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll put all your preserved accessories at the bottom of your kit, except for your veil. We'll attach your veil to the side of your dress.

Why Preserve With Us?

Most trusted

We have been leading the way in wedding gown cleaning and preservation since 1913. For over 100 years our methods have helped over 3 million brides preserve the joy of their wedding day.

Free shipping

Every kit comes with free and insured 2-way shipping to ensure that your gown arrives back to you safe and intact.

Museum Quality

Our world class cleaning system is trusted by museums around the world. The advanced solution ensures the delicate fabric of your dress is fit for museum even after our 100 year warranty expires.