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Wedding Gown Safety Shipping

Will my wedding gown be safe during the shipping process?

We understand the irreplaceable value of your wedding gown. That's why our preservation kit includes shipping insurance, offering peace of mind in unforeseen circumstances. Our track record of over 3 million satisfied brides speaks for itself—with zero reported lost or damaged gowns in transit—and we go the extra mile to ensure your dress arrives safely.

How will I know if my gown arrives in your preservation area?

For complete peace of mind, we assign a unique tracking number to your gown. Our user-friendly GownTracker allows you to check the status of your dress 24/7. When it arrives at our preservation facility, we will conduct its expert cleaning and preservative process and track its closed return.

Will the applied treatments harm the fabric of my wedding gown?

Our state-of-the-art SystemK4 cleaning technology prioritizes the safety of your gown. This 100% non-toxic process gently cleans even delicate fabrics, sequins, beading, and other embellishments commonly found on wedding dresses. Unlike harsh chemicals, SystemK4 utilizes non-hazardous materials, ensuring the well-being of your gown and the environment.

Have you ever lost a gown while in transit?

At Wedding Gown Preservation, we understand the emotional significance of your dress. We follow rigorous SOPs to guarantee the finest care and safe delivery. Trust us with your gown.

Difference Between the Preservation Kits

How traditional differ from celebrity wedding gown preservation kits?

Celebrity Kit is intended for luxurious designer gowns and suggested for silk or high-end custom-made gowns. The celebrity preservation kit has a silver embossed box. Instead of steam pressing, hand pressing is applied. Lastly, Traditional kit has $2,000 shipping insurance, while Celebrity kit has $3,000 shipping insurance.

In your cleaning procedure, what is the difference between the traditional package and the celebrity package?

There is no difference between spot cleaning and dry cleaning. Both packages receive equal quantities of care and are treated like royalty.

Insurance & Shipping

How will I take my gown for your cleaning and preservation service?

Order a preservation kit for your gown at You can add items like veils, gloves, jackets, shawls, hats, and more for $10 each. We also preserve shoes, slips, and silk bouquets for $25 each. Additional charges will be added to your shipping fee.

Is there a possibility that my wedding gown could be lost or stolen during transit?

You can track your gown throughout the preservation process with UPS's advanced technology and Trusted Wedding Gown's tracking system. We also provide shipping insurance for added protection.

Will you inform me when my gown reaches your facility?

We will inform you via email once we confirm the arrival of your gown and the cleaning and preservation process has started.

Do you outsource any phase of the cleaning and preservation procedure?

No, we perform the entire procedure in-house, ensuring the security of your gown throughout the process.

Can I use one address and ship it to another address?

You! Our website lets you choose a separate shipping address during checkout.

100 Year -Lifetime Warranty

What does your 100-year warranty cover?

Our 100-year warranty guarantees your dress stays bright white! If it ever yellows, you can contact us, and we'll re-clean and preserve it for free.

If I accidentally open the box and reseal it, will it void the warranty?

Your warranty will be valid even if you open the preservation kit. We provide "sealing squares" to reseal the seams. Do not take your gown out of the Preservation Chest completely as this could void your 100-year warranty.

The Cleaning & Preservation Procedure

Can I have my gown cleaned but not preserved?

Yes, if you plan to wear your gown again or sell it to another bride, our Clean-only Kit will be a viable choice.

What happens to my gown during the cleaning procedure?

Our multi-step cleaning process includes gentle cleaning, stain removal, and pressing. Your dress is preserved by applying the old-age family formulas passed down through the generations. To preserve your gown's shape, we use acid-free paper and a special form before sealing it in a chest and shipping it back safely in a crush-proof box.

What are the types of stains that you can remove from my gown?

We can remove 95% of the stains on the gowns we process. If a tough stain is found, we apply our policy of not compromising the fabric of your gown. The types of stains we successfully removed are the following:

  • Grease
  • Blood
  • Dirt
  • Tar
  • Sugar Staining
  • Grass
  • Mud
  • Ink and more

What type of repairs are you able to make on my gown?

Our expert tailors can fix tears, rips, or other damage. If we find anything during cleaning, we'll contact you with repair options and costs. You can also let us know about any damage beforehand.

What kind of accessories can I include to preserve it, along with cleaning and preservation?

Preserve up to 5 free accessories, including gloves, veil, train, hat, jacket, shawl, garter, ring pillow, money bag, purse, garter, handkerchief, cape, and duster! Each additional item is $10, and specialty items like shoes, slips, and silk bouquets cost $25 each. For an additional $25, we also preserve shoes, slips, and silk bouquets.

Preservation Kit Packaging

What is the preservation box made out of?

Our preservation box is made of durable, UV-resistant sealant that resists dust and corrugated cardboard with a UV-resistant window.

Can I get a silver-colored box in a traditional service?

No, to get the silver preservation chest, you must first upgrade your traditional kit to a celebrity kit.

What are the sizes of the preservation box?

We offer 3 chest sizes to fit most gowns and accessories:

  • Standard (33" x 19" x 7")
  • Large (33" x 19" x 10")
  • Extra Large (33" x 19" x 13")

We'll recommend the best size based on your dress and any add-ons you choose to preserve

Processing Time

How long would it take for the entire door-to-door procedure?

It typically takes 6-10 weeks to preserve your gown from the day you order the kit. The preservation procedure itself takes around 6-8 weeks in our facility.

How long will it take to get the preservation box once I place my order on your website?

After placing your order, you should expect to receive the preservation box within 1-5 business days.

Do you have questions or concerns?

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