For over 100 years, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been refining the process of wedding dress preservation. We know how important it is that your gown retains the beauty and magic of your wedding day. When you send your gown to us, it receivesonly the best treatment and care.

From the moment it leaves your hands, our knowledgeable staff is there, every step of the way. We use the most cutting edge technology built specifically to clean and preserve your dress. You can be assured that the memories of your wedding day will be perfectly preserved and ready to be enjoyed by future generations.

3. Arrival at Our Facility

After your gown has arrived at the preservation facility, it will go through our detailed reception process. First, your gown will be registered in our smart tracking system so that you can be there for every step of the preservation process. After that, your dress will be hung on a custom rack imported from Germany, ideal for ensuring perfect preservation.

Once we have received your gown at our state-of-the-art facility, we make sure that it's treated with the utmost care. Our team is trained to handle your gown as if it were a museum grade garment.Upon unboxing your gown, it will be given a unique identification number. This will number will beentered into our GownTracker™system, which allows you to keep tabs on your dress 24/7 and know where in the preservation process it is. This number also helps our team ensure that your gown is given the right treatment and the most careful care.

Thorough Stain and Fabric Examination

After your wedding gown receives its unique identification number, a fabric expert will begin the meticulous examination process. During this inspection they will identify any stains, tears, loose threads, or missing adornments. UV technology will be used to ensure that even the smallest stains are accounted for. Additional information such as tears, fabric wear, loose adornments, and other details will be noted in a detailed report given to our gown cleaning team and addressed later in the process.

State of the Art Racking System

An important part of the wedding dress preservation process is maintaining the precise humidity and temperatures during the drying phase. In order to do this, we imported a custom built racking system from Germany to fit the exact needs of our facility.

This state-of-the-art system will carry your dress through each stage of the wedding gown preservation process to ensure that your dress looks and stays pristine. If you have any further questions about what happens to your dress upon arrival, feel free to reference our FAQ section or give us a call between (800) 830-4665 M-F 9am-5pm EST.

Frequently asked questions

Has a wedding dress/gown sent to you ever gone missing?

Not a chance! Our special tracking system keeps an eye on your wedding dress every step of the way, from the time it leaves your place until it's back at your door looking as good as new.

How much time does it usually take for my gown to get logged into your dress tracking system?

Just give us a couple of weeks after you send off your wedding dress for us to get everything sorted and updated in our tracking system.

How can I tell if my dress requires restoration and not preservation?

If we think your dress could benefit from a full restoration, we'll drop you a line using the contact details from your order. This service usually gets the nod for dresses that have been around for more than 20 years.

Why Preserve With Us?

Most trusted

We have been leading the way in wedding gown cleaning and preservation since 1913. For over 100 years our methods have helped over 3 million brides preserve the joy of their wedding day.

Free shipping

Every kit comes with free and insured 2-way shipping to ensure that your gown arrives back to you safe and intact.

Museum Quality

Our world class cleaning system is trusted by museums around the world. The advanced solution ensures the delicate fabric of your dress is fit for museum even after our 100 year warranty expires.