Our Advanced Cleaning Technology

To keep up with the industry’s standards, we always update our cleaning technology to ensure high-quality results for our clients. We use the best products and procedures in our wedding dress cleaning and preservation process. Once we receive your gown, our fabric expert will meticulously check it to know what are the repairs needed and the cleaning to be done. After a thorough check-up, we will start our wedding dress preservation using our SYSTEMK4 cleaning technology. As a part of our protocol to keep our procedures environment friendly, we DO NOT use any dangerous chemicals that are typically used at dry cleaning services.

We use our developed cleaning method to ensure that its preservation can last for 100 years. SYSTEMK4 is a very effective deep cleaning system that can remove even invisible stains on your gown.

SYSTEMK4 can effectively remove the following stains:

  • Sugar stains
  • Pen marks
  • Lipstick/makeup stains
  • Dirt stains
  • Blood/sweat stains
  • Fabric yellowing
  • Grass stains
  • Food stains

Techniques on how to preserve wedding dress using SYSTEMK4

Our team follows a step-by-step wedding gown preservation process in making sure that your dress will look brand new after we clean it.

Step #1 PRENETTK4- Stain Removable Brushing Agent

PRENETTK4 system allows us to remove invisible stains on your gown that cannot be seen even by our naked eyes. This system is unscented which makes it perfect for cleaning sugar stains, body oils, and grease.

Step #2 CLIPK4- Concentrated Detergent

CLIPK4 is the system that helps us deep clean the gown to make it look brand new. It removes the unpleasant smell and restores the original color of your wedding dress. We also use this system to ensure a long-lasting fragrance on your wedding dress and protect it from any elements that may cause discoloration and yellowing.

Step #3 VINOYK4- Stain Repellent

Your gown is now stain and odor-free after our deep cleaning process. The final stage it has to undergo is the VINOYK4. It keeps the gown protected from acquiring stains in the future while you keep it in the storage and making it look brand new like you just purchased it.

After all these processes, your gown can now last for 100 years as long as you store it in a cool and dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Advanced Cleaning Technology

Is my gown safe with your systemk4 cleaning technology?

SYSTEMK4 is the most advanced and latest cleaning technology in the industry. It is 100% organic which makes it safe to use for any type of fabric especially wedding gowns.

Are all stains removable from my gown?

To date, we were able to remove 99% of the stains from the gowns of our clients. Our three-step process is an effective system in removing all types of dirt and stains in your dress.

What is the difference between the traditional kit and the celebrity kit cleaning process?

There is no significant difference between the traditional kit and the celebrity kit. Our cleaning and preservation process is the same for both kits and all our gowns are treated with high priority treatment.

My aged gown has turned yellow. can you clean and preserve it?

Absolutely! Our SYSTEMK4 ensures that all the gowns we handle will look brand new again.

My gown has suffered from molds, smoke, and natural disasters. can you clean and preserve it?

Yes, we can! Our three-step process is the perfect combination to ensure that your wedding gown looks brand new after we clean it.

Do you have additional questions?

If you have other concerns and questions that were not covered in our FAQ page, please do contact us at (800) 830-4665 from Mondays to Fridays 9 AM-5 PM EST and we will be available to assist you accordingly.

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