Whether you were a royal blooded bride from the early 1800’s or a modern bride planning out your big and once in a lifetime event in the near future, your wedding dress is the most significant and most sought after. Once you know that you’re going to be a bride, what you think first is the kind of wedding dress you are going to wear, and how you look as you walk down the aisle looking at the person you truly love and you’ll be spending your lifetime with.

When does Wedding Gowns Preservation Began?

In the late 1700’s Royal weddings became the very popular events across the Europe and so it is believed that the preservation of the wedding gowns started on that year as well. Wedding dresses were embellished with jewels, laces and silk making the gowns more beautiful but not so ebullient in the preservation class. Silk rot has extremely damage the fabric especially that silk is delicately produces in the early days. And because of the sensitive nature of these fabrics, and the lack of understanding on proper preservation techniques, there was no wedding dresses preserved well enough for us enjoy looking at today.

Princess Charlotte’s wedding dress which is already closed to being 200 years old is the primeval wedding dress preserved. The dress lasted way longer that her marriage with Prince Leopold which is only 2 years, with the boundless efforts of the royal staff by keeping the dress dry and out of sunlight.

The UK Telegraph describes the dress as:

It was made by Mrs Triaud of Bolton Street, from ‘cloth-of-silver’, silk bobbinet embroidered with heavy silver lamé, embellished with Brussels lace, and with embroidered flowers and shells festooning the hem

Why Preserve your Wedding Gowns?

Think about this, you only get to marry once in your lifetime, after your wedding day what’s left would be memories of how your big day went. Isn’t it wonderful to look back on the memories by looking at your beautiful and well preserved wedding gown?

Why Preserve Your Gown?

  • On your wedding day, it would not be possible that there wouldn’t be even a single stain that you can get all throughout the event. And if you will just let it sit for years it will cause the disgusting yellowish color on your gown and that certain stain may damage the fabric. So it defeats the purpose of keeping it in your closet. isn’t it beautiful to look at your wedding gown and fell in love to it again as how you did when you saw it the first time on the bridal shop?
  • If your gown is well preserved, you have enough confidence of offering your daughter or your granddaughter to wear the same dress you wore on your wedding day. Such a beauty it could be.
  • We all know that moisture and sunlight can damage fragile fabrics. But if your gown is well preserved, you will no longer worry of all these factors since our preservation gear has UV protection and built in enclose hem.
  • It's affordable!  Compared to using your local dry cleaner, the wedding gown preservation team is hundred percent trusted when it comes to cleaning and preserving your wedding gown and not only that, it is also economical comparing to it.

Let’s Begin!

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