The Best Guarantee in the Wedding Gown Preservation  Industry

Although a lot of companies will offer you a lifetime guarantee, we’re firm believers in our work’s quality. Our 100-year anti-yellowing, anti-staining promise ensures your dress will look great for multiple generations. How much extra time is our guarantee compared to a “lifetime”? On average, roughly 50 years! Our guarantee starts from the day the dress is preserved which means your gown can be worn by your children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren—all under the same guarantee.

Our History in Wedding Dress Preservation

Our guarantee means nothing if you can’t trust us. For over 100 years, we’ve specialized in bridal preservation for people across the country. Although other companies may have experience in archival preservation, only Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation has worked entirely with wedding gowns. We understand gowns like no one else in the industry, and the needs that come with wedding gown preservation.

Far too often, we see companies pop up who offer to preserve wedding gowns. They think because they have experience with preserving clothing items that wedding gowns will be a sinch. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wedding gowns require specialized care that’s far different than other clothing items. The materials are extremely fragile, and most use extensive beading to create a fairytale gown. This leads to preservationists working on gowns that will eventually yellow or fade.

We know wedding gowns. For over 100 years, we have helped millions of women preserve their gowns. Today, we see women walking down the aisle in gowns we preserved when we opened! Because of our history with gown preservation, we are confident enough in our work to offer our famous 100 year guarantee.

What Our Wedding Dress Preservation Guarantee Covers

We’ve talked a lot about our accomplishments, but what exactly does our guarantee offer? Rest assured that we’re not offering you a limited guarantee with a bunch of exceptions to get us off the hook if something goes wrong. Your gown is professionally cleaned and preserved by our certified preservationists. Although our specialists have experience with all types of materials, on very rare occasions a gown will yellow before the 100 years is up. Although this scenario is unlikely to happen for 99.9% of our customers, we will gladly reprocess the gown to remove yellowing that may have occurred. Should we be unable to remove the yellowing, your preservation costs are returned in full. This guarantee does not include beads or sequins which can become loose quite easily. Remember to handle your gown carefully and in a cool, dry area to ensure the preservation lasts. Never store wedding gowns in a basement or attic.

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