How to find the best wedding dress preservation near you in the United States

wedding dress preservation near me


Amidst the wedding planning process, most brides forget to plan what to do with their wedding gown after the big day. Every bride wants to cherish and treasure her wedding day for the rest of her life. The wedding gown is the most precious part of your big day and is something that you would want to keep close to you for as long as you can. This is when wedding dress preservation services  come in handy. Whether you decide to pass down your wedding gown to your children or want to re-use it for your 25th anniversary, it is wise to clean or preserve your gown for proper storage over time.


Wedding dress  clean only service  is ideal for those brides who wish to sell their wedding gown after the wedding or wish to reuse it within the next year. With this service, your dress is cleaned and returned to you in a garment or plastic bag. This service is not recommended for long-term wedding gown storage. In a garment bag, the gown is left vulnerable to moths, insects and dust. In addition, the garment bag alone will not protect the dress fabric from yellowing over time.


Wedding dress preservation is the optimal option as it includes cleaning and repair services. With the  traditional dress preservation we not only clean the gown but also repair all the wear and tear. Whether you choose to pass down your gown to your children, use it within the next year or just store it, this is the most recommended option for you.

With this service, your gown is placed in a clear preservation chest, making it visible to the eyes. The preservation service also guarantees 100 years of fabric damage control.


Once you are ready to get your wedding gown cleaned and preserved, it is time to find a reliable company who will take good care of your precious wedding dress.

How long have you been in the business of preserving gowns?

-With experience comes expertise. Wedding dress clean only services provided at a professional wedding gown preservation center is different from those provided by local dry cleaners. Most local dry cleaners do not have the required equipment and expertise for cleaning wedding gowns, leading to fabric damage or dress yellowing. At  trusted wedding gown preservation, we have trained fabric specialists and top notch equipments to keep your wedding gown in like new condition.

Does the company have good reviews for the services they provide?

-The most reliable company for this service would be the one that is best rated on wedding sites like the  KNOT Make sure you check the reviews before making a choice. Our services have received 5-star reviews from our brides.

How much does dress cleaning and preservation service cost?

-It is crucial to look for affordable wedding gown preservation near you  instead of over paying the bridal stores for the same services. The cost of our wedding gown preservation services range from $298 to $370 depending on the package you choose, insurance coverage and customizations of the preservation chest.

How convenient and secure are the services provided by you?

-After spending months on wedding planning, you would want a company that makes the dress preservation process simple and convenient for you. With trusted wedding gown preservation you can get your gown preserved anywhere from the United States, at the convenience of your home. Once you place a pre-paid order, we send you a kit containing a box, a bag, a form with all required instructions and customization and a pre-paid ups label. You need to pack the dress and give it to a UPS store. The service also includes insurance coverage against damage or loss depending on the package you choose. Our fabric specialists and cleaners will spend 6-8 weeks on the gown. Post that it will be delivered to you packed in a beautiful preservation chest.

Your wedding gown is too precious to be hanging in the closet. Use our services to preserve your gown in the most affordable and efficient way for years to come.