You Should Not Open Your Preserved Wedding Dress! Myths Debunked

You Should Not Open Your Preserved Wedding Dress! Myths Debunked

Almost every bride puts a lot of effort and money into creating the perfect wedding dress. But they don’t know what to do with their precious gown once the wedding day ends. If you are also in the same situation, don’t worry; keep reading!

Your wedding dress bears the marks of your special day, from the remnants of your celebratory food and wine to the traces of your joyous tears. If left untreated, these stains can become permanent fixtures in the fabric. So, one of the best options to go for in this situation is wedding gown preservation.

Why Is Wedding Dress Preservation Important?

Unlike regular drycleaners, a professional wedding dress preservation company uses a sturdy box made of acid-free material to store and preserve your wedding gown. Not only can this prevent discoloration and yellowing of fabric but also aid in maintaining its embellishments and shape for several years to come.

A wedding dress is more than just a piece of clothing for every woman; it is a repository of memories. So, preserving your wedding gown allows you to relive those cherished memories whenever you see it. In addition, you can also pass on it to your future generations as a family heirloom.

Can I Open My Preserved Wedding Dress?

Those brides who preserve their precious gown may wonder – Should I open my preserved wedding gown?” Well, yes, you can open your wedding dress after preservation, but it comes with some limitations. Opening your preserved wedding dress is generally safe if done correctly.

There are several myths about preserving your wedding dress that cause many women to hesitate when it comes to opening their preserved gown. So, let’s discuss the same:

Myth 1: Opening the Preservation Box Will Ruin The Dress

Wedding dress preservation companies pack your wedding dress in a specially designed box and recommend not to open the preservation box uneccessarily. However, in case you want to open the preservation box to see your dress, you can do it, but with proper care. Make sure you handle it with care, wash and dry your hands before touching it, avoid exposure to sunlight and air to maintain the integrity of your dress.

Myth 2: The Dress Will Turn Yellow If Exposed to Air

Well it is true that exposure to environmental factors like sunlight, air, and humidity can lead to discoloration or yellowing of your dress. However, it only happenes due to long-term exposure. Carefull inspection won’t cause any harm to your dress. Wedding dress preservation companies use acid-free material to prevent yellowing. So, you can see your dress for short time without any worry.

Myth 3: The Box is Sealed and Should Not Be Opened

Gone are the days when vacuum sealing the bridal dress in a preservation chest was used as a preservation method, and recommended not to open the box. However, nowadays, wedding dress preservation companies use acid-free boxes and tissue papers to pack your dress in a preservation box to preserve the fabric. So, you can open the preservation box to inspect your dress. 

Myth 4: Opening the Box Voids the Preservation Guarantee

It is a common belief that opening the box will void the guarantee, it is not true. Professionals use preservation chest to prevent the shifting of the gown. Only if you remove the gown from its preservation chest, the company will invalidate their guarantee. So, it’s fine to open the box to relive your precious memories and inspect your dress at any moment.

Myth 5: You Won’t Be Able to Reuse a Preserved Dress

It is a common misconception that once the dress is preserved, you can’t wear it again. However, there are times when you want to wear your dress again, such as anniversaries, vow renewals, or even passing it on to a loved one. So, you can easily use your dress even after preservation. However, this will void the guarantee.

Myth 6: You Can't Re-Preserve the Dress After Opening

Many believe that once you open the preservation seal, you can’t re-preserve your dress, but this is not true. Professional wedding dress preservation companies offer re-preservation services. So, if you decide to open the box and reuse your dress, you can always have an option to get it preserved to ensure it remains in pristine condition for several years to come.

Tips for Handing a Preserved Wedding Gown

Remember that it is the body oil that damages your dress; not the dirt or dust. So, oila and dirt from your skin can transfer to the fabric, causing stains and damage. It is always recommended to wash your hands before handling the dress.

Humidity, sun exposure and air can adversely affect your dress. So, make sure you open the box in a clean, dry and well ventilated area.

Too much handling can lead to stains on the fabric. So, it is wise to handle your dress gently and as little as possible. You can also wear gloves before handling your dress. This will provide an additional layer of protection.

The Bottom Line

Preserving your wedding dress is essential to ensure it remains as beautiful as it was on your wedding day. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t open your preserved wedding gown to inspect or relive your special memories. 

With careful handling and keeping the aforementioned myths in mind, you can confidently open your preserved wedding dress. However, if you are searching for “the best wedding dress preservation near me,” you can rely on Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation.

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