Wedding Gown Preservation That's Perfect For Every Dress Silhouettes

wedding gown preservation
It is every girl's dream to find "The One" whom they can share their story of happily ever after. No matter how cheesy it may sound, surely, once upon a time you've dreamed of your very own prince or perhaps a Knight in shining armor. And re-imagining those moments seems to be quite surreal, not until it is your BIG DAY!

Wedding bells are ringing, flower petals are being tossed up in the air while a thousand butterflies are creating a fluttering yet lovely chaos in your tummy. What's even more nerve-wracking is worrying about finding the perfect dress because as the old adage says – it can make or break your wedding. So it is natural to seek help in realizing your dream gown rather than scourging every wedding boutique in town. That's why we're here to give you tips and must-know details about the popular wedding silhouettes. Plus to reveal a secret about the easy yet effective way on how to secure the safety of your most prized possession which is your Wedding Dress!

Defining the Popular Wedding Dress Skirt Silhouettes

It is easy to buy a wedding magazine, browse and be inspired by the fabulous spread of wedding gowns. But rather than focusing on what is presented in every layout of your trusted wedding magazine, you would still wish to incorporate a special touch for your dress. Or perhaps be able to explain what your dream gown should look like to your modiste, so your bridal appointment will be easy, breezy!

So before you say "YES" to the first wedding dress you find at the bridal salon, here are the popular wedding skirt silhouettes that can guide you through the process of decision making on one of the biggest milestones in your life – selecting your wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Featuring Ball Gown or Princess Skirt

Since every woman deserves to be a princess, there's no better way to look and feel like royalty other than choosing the Ball Gown or Princess skirt for your wedding dress. It will give you your very own fairytale moment as it creates the most classic wedding silhouettes!

Basically, this features a wide, full skirt in dreamy fashion style while being complemented by a fitted bodice. Usually, it comes in crinolines, layers of tulle or feathered-Marchesa wedding skirt that speak volumes of grandeur. This is quite ideal for women with pear-shape and slender figures as it emphasizes the waistline for an hourglass look.

Wedding Dress Featuring the A-Line Skirt

Among the different wedding dress skirt silhouettes, the A-Line dress is considered to be universally ideal for any wedding theme and at the same time effectively flattering for almost all body types! As the name suggests, this wedding skirt creates an "A" shape with a classic and simple silhouette. Featuring a fitted bodice which then flows out naturally to the floor, it transcends between the styles of Ball Gown and Sheath Skirt.

It is quite versatile due to a variety of fabrics that can be used that typically include lace, organza, tulle, and silk. Some stylists even feature structured fabrics like Mikado, Tafetta and Chantilly. Aside from the flexibility of this style, it can provide simple modifications for necklines and offer illusions for some sections or body parts you might not be so fond of. If your height is on the shorter side, it can help you with the illusion of height. Plus it can also provide curves in case you are worried about your narrow body frame.

Wedding Dress Featuring Mermaid Skirt, Flair Skirt and Trumpet Skirt

Accentuating your voluptuous body shape is what Mermaid Wedding Dress Silhouette does best! As it contours your body starting from the bodice, waist, and down to your knees, it creates a sexy look highlighting your curves. Tagged as the most flirtatious style for a wedding gown, it is undeniably attention-grabbing that compliments your hourglass or slim figure. Resembling a tail of a mermaid, this typically features grandiose style and alluring details which commonly come in forms of ruffles, beading, length of trains and lace.

Meanwhile, the Flair Skirt is the toned-down version of the mermaid silhouette. Though it may not appear as dramatic as the previous style, it is perfect for brides who wish to fully enjoy and let loose on the dance floor. The skirt for this silhouette flares out right below the hips and typically created by flowing fabric, unlike the mermaid skirt which is a bit constricting.

On the other hand, Trumpet Wedding Skirt Silhouette is also something worth considering due to the understated silhouette yet dramatically enough to be different from the mermaid and flair skirt wedding dresses. It hugs the body just like the mermaid but the flare begins at mid-thigh, creating the trumpet-like silhouette. This style is a lot easier for the bride to walk and move around as it gradually flares outward

Straight, Column or Sheath Wedding Dress

As opposed with the styling principle of the Ball Gown Wedding Dress Silhouette, the Straight, Column or Sheath Wedding Dress skims your body creating a narrow shape which straightly flows down to the ground. It typically starts from the neckline weaving a column or sheath silhouette. Often categorized as an "effortless gown", this wedding dress provides a flattering option in terms of versatility. Even though it may seem to lack in grandiose or volume of the Ball Gown or Flair wedding dress, it actually works well with almost every fabric.

Creating the illusion of elongated or taller silhouette, it is highly recommended for lean figures and brides with petite height. This often made use of intricate beading, classic satin, organza, crepe, Georgette and varieties of lace.

How to Preserve a Wedding Dress, No Matter The Style!

Once you've finally selected the perfect dress, you may initially think that you're one step closer to your dream wedding. On the contrary, after picking your dress, there is a much bigger worry that can possible befalls on every blushing bride – and that is how to store, keep it clean as well as preserving your wedding dress.

Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation is the one who has the answer to your needs! Whether it is a request for special cleaning "before-the-wedding" and "after-the-wedding", we can maintain and preserve it for you. Aside from securing the color and fabric, we know how important it is to retain the shape of your wedding skirt silhouette. No matter what wedding dress you might have (the ball gown, mermaid dress, the straight sheath wedding skirt or any other we have shared earlier), with us by your side, you'll have one less problem!

Elegance is preserved with Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation! Simply get in touch with our customer hotline and you can easily experience guaranteed high-quality service you rightfully deserve!

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