The 10 Most Trending Wedding Gown Designs Of 2019

wedding dress preservation kit

Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably the most interesting part of wedding planning for the bride. Before looking for a perfect wedding dress the bride has to determine if she desires a wedding dress preservation after the wedding. It is vital to preserving the most treasured dress of their lives. Most of the brides want to have a wedding dress preservation kit so that their simple and elegant gowns will be preserved.

Many people favor keeping their styles whilst following modern trends. But for a designer, what is the most vital feature of a wedding dress? Absolutely the answer is diversity, consisting of bold tailoring, high-quality details, flowers, transparent sleeves, tulle, the format of A-Line and so on. Here we have gathered some suggestions for you. 

  1. Wedding dresses with transparent fabrics, plenty of lace and deep V-necklines

v-necklines wedding dress

Both a tight robe and a traditional A-line gown are embellished with delicate decoration. The intricate dresses with lace and deep v-necklines will appear in more than a few designs and patterns over the next two years.  If you are trying to find a dress that works for you, then choosing the right fabric is one of the most important points, to begin with. Different materials have a personal look and can confirm your comfort level and therefore the whole wedding look. 

  1. The Royal Effect

royal effect wedding dress

"The Duchess of Sussex has long been a source of inspiration. Her classic, effortless, and chic style coupled with all the excitement leading up to her wedding day inspired my spring 2019 bridal collection. The body-hugging silhouettes dripping with ornate crystal beadwork were inspired by tiaras and crown jewels while baroque scrollwork informed the rich and opulent embroideries and gilded tapestry brocades. In addition, less is more when it comes to wedding dresses this year. So, if a princess skirt, lace, and embellishment isn't your style, you'll love these modern and minimalistic gowns. They may be simple but they'll make a big impact. I felt capes were a regal alternative to the traditional veil." — Don O'Neill, Theia creative director

  1. Simple and elegant gowns will never OUT

simple and elegant wedding dress

Maybe now not everyone is perfect for a gown with tulle, ruffle or lace. But don't worry, the pure cloth can also make your experience like a princess, even if it doesn't have any refined decorations. The clothes rarely have long trailing or extravagant shawls like tulle dresses, however, they are also popular. Royal brides regularly pick this form of wedding ceremony gowns, which makes them more elegant.

  1. Detailed Sleeves and Backs

detailed sleeve and back wedding dress

"Long sleeve dresses are feminine and traditional, but also elegant and simple. It's a classic silhouette that will never go out of trend. As for the backs, a dramatic Watteau design adds a surprise element to your gown." — Lela Rose, designer

  1. Feather Fantasy

feather fantasy wedding dress

With boho bridal on its way out, designers have long gone all-out glam. Layered skirts, ruffles, and elaborations are simply the beginning—flights of fancy have taken designers to new heights, and all-over feather frocks, plush details, and plumes galore have to turn out to be mainstays for the evening and the aisle.

When it comes to trending wedding gown dresses, do not skimp. What would possibly have felt trite or try-hard in seasons previous is now theatrical, yet chic. 2019 is all about flairs for the dramatic, the grand, and the over-the-top that make absolutely feathered appears to feel au courant; maintain the hair and makeup ethereal, edgy, or minimal to avoid this seem going costume.

  1. Veil Talk

veil talk wedding dress

This common accent is having a major moment—but this time with special twists. Strategically designed embroideries and pieced lace veils are a greater statement than accent in 2019. Designers are encouraging that brides see veils as now not only an add-on to the gown, however as a part of a general look.

Few fashion statements are as superbly timeless as a bride wearing a veil. While some current brides seek an alternative bridal headpiece, the veil remains the gold standard as the finishing touch to the most important gown you may in all likelihood ever wear. The right veil is a defining thing of your bridal ensemble. Once you have decided to wear a veil, you will need to consider your dress, face shape, and hairstyle to make the perfect selection.

  1. High-Low Hemlines

high low wedding dress

This year, eveningwear and bridal designers have translated this look for the aisle, providing up riffs on texture, color, volume, shape, and scale. This seems to be is all about a wow-factor; the super-long train, and the mini hemline at the front, designed to exhibit some leg and flaunt the perfect pair of wedding ceremony shoes.

With touches of black and lots of ruffles to go around, the present-day assortment of high-low robes is dramatic and full of bride-to-be potential. Our styling tips? Accessorize the seem with an equally fashion-forward veil, or pass by veiling altogether and decide for a sublime and glossy hair-up look.

  1. Groundbreaking Floral

floral wedding dress

The world will assume to see flora on your bouquet, and not on your dress. So, if you've got a penchant for wowing the crowd in a stylish way, then think about a floral wedding dress that’ll leave them pleasantly surprised. We know, this trend is so ubiquitous it is nearly challenging to dub it trend-worthy—but this year's floral pressure was higher than ever. Bold, 3D appliqué, hand-cut, and placed embroideries, brocades, daring use of color, this trend knows no bounds in 2019.

  1. Slits and Hemlines

high slit wedding dress

Since you won't (hopefully) thrust your entire leg out of your dresses with slits, only a bit of leg will peek out until you sit down, and even then, you can cross your legs so the slit is on the bottom and fewer leg shows. This is one time when bronzer and spot-on sleekness count because you may be showing lots of legs. Dare to bare your legs by way of a chic asymmetrical hemline or a peek-a-boo slit. If you think this type of robe cut works best with your figure—not to mention your strut down the aisle—then why not?

  1. Off the Shoulder

off-the-shoulder wedding dress

You will see more and more dress designs emphasizing the collar bones. Romantic off-the-shoulder necklines, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and detailed straps will be the dominant neckline trend. With a trace of the Bohemian about it, the modern off-the-shoulder trend is one of the hottest looks this season and there’s no reason why anybody shouldn’t be a part of in. The off-the-shoulder sketch can be determined in tops, dresses and wedding gowns, making it with no end in sight versatile and extraordinarily popular.

Ready for searching your exciting bridal gown? Make sure to have a wedding gown preservation after your wedding. This will ensure to preserve your most treasured moments.