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Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation FAQs Every Bride Should Know

by Kunal Madan

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For the first time brides, wedding gown cleaning and preservation are two things that are unfamiliar. They have no idea what it is all about, how it is done or is it required for every bride to do it? To help the brides answer all their questions about wedding gown cleaning and preservation, we answered some frequently asked questions about these two processes that every bride should know. 

Q1. What are wedding gown cleaning and preservation exactly?

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation are the two processes that are done to your dress to make it last longer. Cleaning and preservation companies use special technologies to remove invisible stains in your dress that can cause damage if not cleaned well. They also have a special preservation technique used to make your gown last longer with a museum-like quality.

Q2. Why is there a need to clean and preserve my wedding gown?

Your wedding gown holds a special place in your heart because it symbolizes one of the happiest moments in your life— your wedding day. That is why it is important to keep it in good shape so you can always have a look at it when you want to reminisce about those unforgettable life happenings. 

Q3. How long does it take to clean and preserve my gown?

For a clean only service, your gown will be ready in less than a week when it is rushed and needed. However, the standard turnaround time for cleaning only is 4 to 6 weeks while cleaning and preservation are normally 12 weeks. Wedding gown preservation companies can also accommodate special requests especially when the brides are planning to resell or to up rent their gown and shorter turnaround time is needed. 

Q4. What cleaning technology do you use to clean my gown?

Trusted Gown Preservation Company uses SYSTEMK4 in preserving your gown. It has proven to be one of the most effective agents in maintaining a prime standard in the textile cleaning process while maintaining an eco-friendly environment.

Q5. How can I deliver my wedding dress to the preservation company?

Wedding dresses are usually delivered through UPS placed securely in a Wedding Dress Preservation Kit. It contains everything you need to safely pack your gown before you ship it to your cleaning and preservation company. You can also call your preservation company on the day you will deliver your grown so that they can help you pack the gown correctly.

Q6. Where can I store my gown after it is preserved?

The best place to store your gown after it is cleaned and preserved is in a temperature-controlled environment where it is heated and air-conditioned. Avoid storing your gown in humid places like your attic or basement because humidity can cause yellow stains to your dress. 

Q7. What is included in the Wedding Dress Preservation Kit?

Here are the common inclusions of a Wedding Dress Preservation Kit:

  • Well built shipping container
  • Air-tight bag
  • Prepaid UPS shipping label
  • Stain stickers that you can use to put special instructions for areas that need special attention.
  • Prepaid order form for cleaning and preserving your dress with an additional of up to 5 accessories for free.
  • Packaging tape
  • Complete packing instructions
  • Instructions for the customization of your preservation chest

Q8. How much is the average cost of having my gown cleaned and preserved?

The total cost of having your gown cleaned and preserved depends on a lot of factors. Your preservation company will determine the total cost after they have examined the condition of your dress and what processes are needed to clean it. After that, they will let you know how much it costs. You can also let them know of special requests if you have any. 

Q9. After the cleaning and preservation process, can I still check my gown from time to time?

Absolutely yes! Most brides worry that if their wedding dress is cleaned and preserved, they cannot view it anytime they want. That is not true because preservation companies will provide you with white gloves and instructions upon completion of the services so you can properly handle your gown with care. 

Q10. How can I know the status of my gown while it is being cleaned and preserved?

Trusted Gown Preservation Company uses a tracking system that allows you to track the progress of your gown. From the moment we receive your precious gowns, it is handled with care right away. Our team of restoration experts will unbox your gown safely and will assign it a unique identification number or barcode. 

The code will be sent to you so you can track its progress on our gown tracker system located on our website. With this, you can follow the process of your gown restoration while making sure that it is handled properly.

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation is not a complicated process as to how most of the brides see it. As long as you choose a trustworthy preservation company, everything will go smoothly from the moment they receive your gown until they deliver it back to you. 

If you have more questions regarding the cleaning and preservation process, do not be afraid to reach out to your preservation company. They are more than willing to answer any of your questions. 

Kunal Madan
Kunal Madan