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Wedding Dress Storage Solutions To Keep Your Gown Protected

by Kunal Madan

Wedding Dress Storage Solutions To Keep Your Gown Protected

The wedding ceremony is over. Perhaps you wore your grandmother's stylish silk gown with the flowing train and the delicately embroidered veil that matched, or possibly you and your girlfriends spent weeks searching for the best wedding dress that you felt fantastic reflected your personality. You should store this treasure so that the years won't steal any of its beauty. Follow a few important steps below to maintain its timeless grandeur:

Check the gown's label for care instructions. Some should be dry cleaned while others can be "wet-cleaned," which means cleaned with water, a technique that can be dealt with by way of a professional. Often polyester clothes can be hand-washed but take a look at a small hidden area to be sure. Labels may also provide distinctive directions that specify the type of cleaning solvent that the dress requires. Check with your bridal shop for an experienced dry cleaner that incorporates the kind of materials and equipment your gown needs.

Have the robe cleaned as soon as possible to forestall stains from setting. Check out the dry-cleaner and make certain the individual who will deal with your gown has strong experience cleaning wedding gowns. Not all gowns require the same kind of treatment. Some chemical substances work terrific on silk however will damage sequins. Look for a cleaner that makes use of virgin solvent, alternatively than recycled. A gown cleaned in impure solvent will odor likes it has been dry cleaned, and it shouldn't.

Avoid storing the gown in a plastic dry-cleaning bag or a plastic garment bag for very long, even if the wedding boutique sent the gown home with you in such a bag. Plastic may additionally emit fumes that could yellow or in any other case damage your gown. Also, if moisture receives trapped in the bag, the dress could mildew.

Decide whether you desire to have the gown professionally boxed or hung or if you are going to handle it yourself. The following professional methods should help you protect this heirloom.

Choosing to have a wedding dress preservation company professionally hang the gown will help prevent wrinkles and will require less care in the future. Since it will no longer be folded, creases will not develop; therefore, the dress will not have to be removed from its packaging every couple of years to be rearranged. The dress needs to be placed in a cloth bag that consists of no dye and hung on a thickly padded hanger. Dresses with slender straps or none at all have to be strengthened to prevent breakage. The bodice can also be stuffed with acid-free tissue to assist it to maintain its shape.

Your wedding gown is certainly one of the most essential articles of apparel you’ll ever purchase, and probably the most expensive. After the massive day, you’ll want to put some thought into the cleaning, preservation, and storage of your gown, when you consider that it cannot simply be hung in your closet with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re not certain where to start, we’ve outlined the basics of wedding dress storage below so that you can make a trained buy and defend your stunning wedding ceremony robe for years to come.

The first choice you’ll desire to make is whether you’re searching for short term storage (less than a year) or long term storage (up to 30 years). If you only prefer to shop your gown for a quick time (maybe you’re selling it or are waiting to address the preservation process), an exceptional garment bag is enough. Look for thick fabrics that won’t rip or tear, pH neutral fabrics, or luggage made of muslin which is generally used for textile preservation.

If you’re looking for long-time period storage, you’ll want to purchase a container or bag made particularly for this process. You’ll also want a massive quantity of acid-free tissue paper, which you’ll place both inside and outside of your dress to retain the shape and protect it against the elements (dust, moths, moisture, light, etc.). If the method sounds too overwhelming to handle on your own, a few companies will handle the preservation for you. We’ve covered two selections under where you can absolutely ship your dress and receive it back within a few weeks, preserved and equipped for storage.

Below are short and long-time period wedding dress storage options. Don’t leave out this kit, which can be used to hold your wedding bouquet, too.

1. Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

This is one of the best quality protection kits and while the price is high, it goes much further than a simple box in protecting your wedding gown over the years, maintaining it looking like new. A certified expert will carefully clean, preserve, and package your valuable gown in a box that’s personalized with your wedding date and title for a lovely keepsake. The protection additionally goes beyond your gown and includes three items, permitting you to additionally retain your veil, purse, garter, etc. If you’re questioning how the technique works, it’s simple. When you get hold of your kit, just fill out the records form, attach stain stickers to any area on your gown that needs unique attention, and then place the whole thing in the bag and box provided, transport it with the pay as you go label. Your preserved dress will be returned in 2-8 weeks.

2. The PH Neutral Wedding Dress Storage & Travel Box

Made with outstanding substances and a beautiful bridal pink color, this wedding dress storage box is one of the top picks. With pH-neutral and breathable substances you can be counted on safe storage over time. The box additionally has convenient raise handles if you plan on traveling with your gown. The foldable nature of the box is some other notable feature, as it can easily be folded to a flat panel when it’s not being used. The container comes with some acid-free tissue paper however you can order some extra paper online. You can purchase it in variations of colors like pink and white.

3. The Wedding Gown Carrying Bag

Appropriate for each short and lengthy-term storage, this container is accessible in a slew of enjoyable colors and is made with very excessive nice and durable materials. The fabric will protect from unsafe elements like dust, moths, and moisture and is acid-free, making it secure to save for longer lengths of time.

4. The Unbuffered Acid-Free Tissue Paper

With a few less expensive purchases, you can preserve your wedding dress in your home without a kit or outside help. The first and most indispensable item needed is a pack of acid-free tissue paper, which is used especially in the maintenance of jewelry, metals, and textiles and will prevent yellowing over time. The pack of three can be purchased for less than $25 and is very excessive quality. With this and an easy pH-neutral box, you’ll be set to go.

5. The Antique Gold Wedding Dress Storage & Travel Box

While this would possibly seem to be like a simple cardboard field at first glance, it’s plenty more. This box is particularly made for garment storage, with a few key components that make sure it stays protected for years to come. The large box is massive enough to accommodate most wedding dresses if they’re folded carefully. The box is pH neutral and comes with an acid-free paper that won’t break your treasured dress. If you’re touring somewhere for your wedding, the carrying handle makes this a wonderful way to transport your dress. Otherwise, simply use it after the large day for long term storage. If you’re worried this box would possibly be too small for your dress, check out more choices online which can be ordered in a variety of even larger sizes.

6. Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation offers a trustworthy wedding gown preservation service, taking the guesswork out of storing your gown and leaving it to the experts. When you receive the preservation kit in the mail, simply pack your gown inside the box provided, drop it off to be shipped, and the specialists will take care of the rest for you. The kit ensures 100 years of anti-yellowing protection with a process that removes stains, prevents spot darkening over time, and seals out dust, mildew, and mold. Consider gifting this to anyone exceptional as a bridal shower gift.

7. The Heavy Duty Clear Wedding Gown Garment Bag

If you’re looking for a clear garment bag for your wedding dress, this option is cheap and is made with great thick plastic. It has a special support hanger opening that won’t rip with use or while hanging. It also has a full-length center zipper which makes it convenient to arrange your dress inside the garment bag. This is a splendid alternative if you’re flying or using with your wedding gown in tow, though it’s no longer recommended for long-time period storage.

8. The White Wedding Gown Garment Bag

Some people can’t contain the thought of paying tons of money for dress storage, mainly for a dress that’s already priced a fortune. If you need quick-term storage or travel alternative for your dress, this cheaper garment bag will grant the utmost protection. While it won’t preserve the costume long term, it’s nonetheless a notable garment bag for a wedding dress, with room at the bottom for a giant ball robe skirt or a gown with a widespread train. The vinyl is sturdy and will prevent the bag from rips and tears in the course of transport or storage. You should also invest in a soft cloth hanger, which is extra forgiving on straps than tough plastic for hanging.

9. The Extra-Large Wedding Dress & Costume Preservation Kit

This kit makes wedding costume storage handy and easy. The museum-quality box is a stunning and neutral gray color, perfect for those who decide upon a traditional storage option. The archival high-quality carrier board box is acid-free, lignin-free and pH neutral, keeping out dust, dirt and detrimental mild with the tight lid and metal edges. It additionally comes with 25 sheets of 30 x 40″ unbuffered tissue paper and white cotton gloves so you can pack the whole thing safely at home.

10. The Acid-Free Muslin Wedding Gown Garment Bag

If you don’t want to box and preserve your wedding gown, it’s well worth investing a small quantity of money into a safe garment bag that you can hold your wedding dress in for some time. Even though $55 may also seem like a lot for a garment bag, it’s in all likelihood a fraction of what you paid for your wedding dress and really worth it to maintain it secure and blanketed in a closet. The bag consists of a 17″ muslin padded hanger, acid-free tissue paper, and white gloves for managing and packaging the dress. If your gown doesn’t have a massive train or skirt, you can purchase this comparable garment bag option for $10 less. You can also snatch this bag made especially for preserving your wedding veil.

You now have the idea of wedding dress storage, however, even if your gown was once already inside a storage bag or box it is important to take a look at the dress at least once a year for problems. A spilled drink may also be invisible when it dries, but over time it can oxidize and turn the area where it spilled brown. Have such spots cleaned right away. They can end up tougher to cast off once they have been there awhile. Normally, they will exhibit up in the first 12 months after the wedding.

When removing the robe from storage, even for a little while, put on simple white cotton gloves to prevent sweat or grime from leaving residue on the dress. This could lead to stains later. Also, perspiration would possibly cause the fabric to emerge as brittle.

After the wedding dress has been cleaned and preserved, keep it in a place where the temperature is cool and the air is dry. Minimize light. Ultraviolet radiation can damage textiles over a long time. A dehumidifier may additionally help, or you may additionally desire to lease a self-storage unit with climate control facets that allow you to keep the temperature low and the air dry to better guard all your stored clothing, most particularly this one-of-a-kind symbol of your family's beginning that when preserved, may additionally bring happiness to generations.

Kunal Madan
Kunal Madan