Unique Wedding Ring Styles for Couples in 2020

Unique Wedding Ring Styles for Couples in 2020

For your wedding, the most exciting part (and at the same time stressful) is when you get to plan all the details while obviously keeping in mind your preferences and budget. The most common things that you need to determine when it comes to wedding planning are the wedding venue, wedding dress, decorations, and more. However, there is also one thing that you need to carefully decide - and that is choosing your wedding bands!


Wedding bands symbolize love and commitment for married couples. Exchanging wedding bands have been a tradition during wedding ceremonies for decades. On the ring exchange ceremony and in your future life as a couple, the wedding rings are considered an important item for both of you. 

Once you have worn one, it signifies that you are eternally tied with your significant other for the rest of your lives. When choosing a wedding ring, you need to be as enthusiastic as you can as you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. Make sure to choose a distinct wedding ring that tells the story of your life as a couple.

Tracing back into ancient times, wedding rings are commonly made of precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum silver. It is only a simple band compared to more extravagant engagement rings. If you compare, engagement rings have thicker bands and are decorated with large stones. 

On the contrary, wedding rings are simpler. It has thinner bands and is sometimes adorned with small stones such as diamonds and other gems. However, these days a lot of couples jump to the trend of choosing unique wedding ring styles to be exchanged at their wedding ceremony. 

Below are some unique wedding ring styles for brides (and grooms), that you want to consider to exchange on your wedding day.


Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden wedding rings are part of the trendy wedding rings these days. It is because this style is unique and is very opposite to the usual wedding rings that are made of precious metals. Wood also symbolizes growth and strength which is perfect for married couples. You can also play around with this kind of wedding ring by making carved designs on the wooden band. 

Of course, you can put your names and wedding date at the back for a more personalized touch. To add value to your wedding ring and for a more sophisticated look, you can add small diamond stones to the design.

Love Knot Wedding Rings

Compared to the wooden wedding rings that sport a simple straight band design, love knot wedding rings show an intricate intertwined metal design. It symbolizes a love that is how it got its name. It signifies an unbreakable bond and an eternal connection between two people. This is perfect for celebrations such as weddings. The knot design looks like two hearts intertwined together. For brides, you can add a diamond at the center of the knot for a more elegant look to the wedding ring.

Curve-shaped Wedding Rings

Another one of the traditional straight band designs is the curve-shaped wedding ring. This kind of design is very dainty and is perfect for brides who want a feminine style wedding ring. A lot of brides choose this kind of wedding ring style to fit it under their engagement rings with large center stones. Curve-shaped wedding rings offer a large gap between the two rings which gives a coherent look and comfortable wearing experience.

Travelers' Wedding Ring

Have you heard of travelers’ wedding rings yet? This kind of ring is best suited for couples who love to travel. Travelers’ wedding rings are made of thick bands to give space to engrave a map for the design. You can put the map of the most memorable or the favorite place both of you have visited - it can be where he asked for your hand for marriage or where you celebrate your anniversary as a couple.

Moon and Star Wedding Ring

For couples who love to dream, a moon and star wedding ring is best suited for you. Moon and star symbolize emotional and physical union. It is also deemed magical and sacred in other cultures. 

The moon is considered a loyal companion which is a perfect representation of both the bride and the groom. It represents hope and wishes which are quintessential symbols for the future life of married couples. For a more classy look, you can embellish the bands before the star or moon with tiny diamond cuts. 

Choosing the wedding rings is very exciting. A lot of couples these days find ways to create wedding bands that are new and unique. Something that can well represent the love and life they both share as a couple. 

If you have an extra budget for your wedding ring, you can play around with intricate designs and choose rare stones. You can use the ideas mentioned above if you are looking for an eccentric wedding ring.