Things You Need To Know When Cleaning Your Dress Before Your Wedding

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

Wedding dresses are considered as the most treasured piece of clothing every girl has. It holds a lot of significant memories of the most memorable day of their lives. In your case, you have probably spent a great amount of time planning for the perfect wedding dress that will make you look the best version of yourself on your wedding day. 

This piece of clothing needs utmost care before and after wearing it for it to look as new as possible. Before your wedding day, you might consider dry cleaning your dress. Below are a few things that can help you think about cleaning your wedding dress before your wedding.


One of the most memorable things to do at your wedding is wearing a hand-downed wedding dress from either your mother or grandmother. Walking it on the aisle again is a perfect way of reminiscing the most remarkable moments of the women in your life. It has been a trend for the past years to preserve wedding dresses for this purpose. 

Even though the wedding dress was preserved well, it will need to undergo professional cleaning to remove stains that it might have acquired for the past years of storing it and to restore it to its original brilliance.

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Invisible Stains

Stains are very difficult to spot especially those that may be hiding in plain sight. If you don’t monitor your wedding dress while storing it, stains caused by different elements may start to appear. Many factors caused the stains of your wedding dress before your wedding day. It can be because of mishandling in the boutique where you kept it. The hem may have touched the floor or even your perspiration when you had your fittings. 

Buying in Boutiques

If you purchased your gown from local boutiques, tendencies of acquiring stains, or other elements that may cause the yellowing of your dress are high. Other brides might have tried it before you which makes it more exposed to body oils and other risks that may damage the fabrics of the wedding dress.

Purchasing Too Early

When planning for your wedding, it is always good to start early to be able to have an extended amount of time in deciding the important aspects to be included in your wedding. One of these aspects is your wedding dress. 

Most of the time, brides purchase wedding dresses too early if they have a lot of time left before the wedding. In this way, they will be able to save money which can be redirected to other expenses. 

Your wedding dress is made of intricate fabrics and embellishments which may degrade in quality if kept for months. If stored for a long period, the organic fibers of your wedding dress will begin to turn to yellow and will eventually fade. 

To keep your dress in pristine condition, you should store it properly and monitor it from time to time. If you have observed that the color of fabrics has changed, then you should consider bringing your wedding dress to a dry cleaning company for it to be professionally cleaned.

Now that you know the scenarios that might happen to your wedding dress before your wedding day, below are some tips to do when you decide to bring your wedding dress to a professional dry-cleaning company.

When you should get it cleaned?

Before bringing your wedding dress to a dry cleaning company make sure that you are already in the final stages of your wedding preparations. Depending on your preference, others have their wedding dresses cleaned before undergoing alterations - that is for brides who either gain or lose weight. 

Others also prefer to have it cleaned after the alterations to make sure that it will be kept directly after cleaning. However, in this case, dry cleaners must be extra careful not to damage the dress especially on the designs adorned on the dress. 

Where should I get my dress cleaned?

You will need to research in your locality on which dry cleaning company offers the best services when it comes to wedding dress cleaning. Cleaning companies with advanced technology in cleaning will ensure that your dress is safe. 

Not all dry cleaning companies specialize in wedding dresses. Harsh chemicals may be used in cleaning which will result in damaging the delicate fabric of your dress and its embellishments such as the beading patterns and lace if there are any.

Make sure to consult with the creators of your dress on the cleaning method applicable to your dress. In this way, you will be able to remind or give clear instructions to the cleaning company of your choice. Your dress can either undergo a wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning method depending on the fabrics used on your wedding dress. 

No need to worry when it comes to this because new technologies and advancements have been discovered lately when it comes to cleaning methods that can help you in cleaning your prized clothing.