Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Gown After Your Big Day

Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Gown After Your Big Day

After poring through bridal magazines and trying on countless gowns in the fitting room, you, in the end, discovered the right dress. Your husband swooned, your mother cried, and your buddies could not cease telling you how excellent you appeared on the big day. Your gown is so pretty that you desire you could put on it each weekend! Unfortunately, you can't. Well, you could, but you would possibly raise an eyebrow or two. So now what?

Most brides saved it mainly out of sentimentality, however, 30 years later, they experience like a proper time to do something with it other than simply keep it in storage. Searching for some idealistic methods to reuse your wedding dress? We started looking around online for inspiration for things you can do with an old wedding dress, and we found a lot of fantastic ideas! You'll love these genius ideas! The big day is over, the thank you cards are dispatched and the wedding photos are back, however one job remains, what to do with your wedding dress?

For most of us, our wedding dresses are destined to spend the rest of its existence collecting dust in the back of our dresser alongside a lot of questionable fashion selections we haven’t seemed at seeing that the 90s. But there are some special and creative methods you can put that gown to use!

Deciding what to do with your gown after the wedding is a challenging choice, but if the remaining element you favor is it taking up room in your wardrobe, you’ll love our list of approaches to reuse your wedding dress.

Trash The Dress And Have a Shoot

Give your wedding dress one last hurrah by lining up a “trash the dress” image shoot. These sorts of photoshoots have been especially famous over the ultimate few years, and people have gotten innovative with them! I’ve considered photos of wedding dress clad girls covered in paint, colored chalk, mud, wine… you name it! It would make an exciting memory while giving your dress an epic sendoff. You can also suppose it’s absurd to waste all that money spent on your dress by using ruining it, however, don’t rule it out just yet. You and your companion could have copious amounts of exciting dressing up in your wedding gear and have even more fun trashing it.

There are loads of crazy matters you can do – paintballing, mud fights, and even making a splash in the ocean! Ruining your wedding gown isn’t an idea that would sit nicely with most people, but after all the pressure of planning a wedding, why not release some stress and go for it? Having a professional photographer capture the total thing on a digital camera could make for some magnificent memories for both you and your partner.

The Hindu festival of colors, Holi, is an excellent opportunity to put on your wedding dress and get it colorfully messy. Those taking sections throw brilliant paint powders, which will leave your dress with an amazing design. Lots of these fairs take part across the country, or you ought to even wear it on a Color Run – an enjoyable 5k where you have a good time by throwing colors at the finish line!

Wear It For Fancy Dress

Looking for a concept of what to do with your wedding dress that doesn’t involve ruining it? Why not wait for a fancy dress party to come round and stun all your pals with the aid of turning up to the party as a blushing bride.

Alternatively, if you don’t like re-living your exact bridal look for a party, wait for Halloween to come around and have some real enjoyable with this look. It’s best if you had a gothic wedding costume – minimal effort required!

Get Crafty

There are a lot of fun thoughts out there for craft ways to use your old wedding dress. We selected a few of our favorites to feature here, however, there are probably dozens of extra ideas that you can discover online!

  • Make a necklace, bracelet, or another jewelry item that features a piece of the fabric of your dress.
  • Use the fabric from your dress to make a keepsake garter to pass on to another bride.
  • Use the fabric to make a throw pillow, and feature in your home as a piece of meaningful decor.
  • Use the fabric from your wedding dress to create a christening or blessing gown for your future children or grandchildren.
  • Use the fabric to make a bouquet wrap, and give it to a close friend or family member with a wedding coming up.
  • Use the fabric to make a little girl’s dress that will make any girl feel like a princess!
  • Use swatches of the fabric from your wedding dress to decorate and embellish a photo album of pictures from your wedding.

Pass It On To The Next Generation

Marriage – check. Kids – check? Whether you’re already parents or plan to be in the future, saving your wedding dress for your offspring can be a sure fine component to do with your gown after the wedding. You could have a seamstress seriously change it into a new costume for your little one to wear, possibly for a distinct event like a christening, or even pick up a sewing machine yourself and get arty.

You ought to even go one step in addition and have the gown made into doilies or other wedding mementos for your child’s wedding. There are plenty of approaches you can incorporate your gown into your daughter, godchild or niece’s wedding in the future so be creative! If you can’t bear to take it apart, save it for them to enjoy when they’re older.

Keep It for A Cocktail Night

Now – if giving your gown away, or trashing it just isn’t your style, you may additionally simply like this one. Social butterfly brides, who love to attend events and glamorous social events may desire to consider having their wedding dress shortened into a fashionable little number?

If you’ve already obtained a knee-length wedding dress, you don’t even need to have the length altered. You could even have it colored in a way you prefer. Don’t let the passing of your wedding stop you partying in your dress – maintain those happy memories coming.

Renew Your Vows

If you have sentimental attachments to your bridal gown and don’t choose to reuse it for any different reason than for you and your partner, save it with plans to eventually renew your vows. To barely mix it up a bit, you should always have parts of the dress changed, such as extra embellishments brought or the train shortened.

This means you will still be wearing your one-of-a-kind dress all over again with an up-to-date makeover. Remember, you don’t genuinely have to exchange it at all, it is perfectly suitable to keep the gown precisely the same, but something way you figure out to do it, be joyful that this is a romantic and sentimental element to do with your wedding dress after the huge day.

Throw A Wedding Dress Party

If you are in a group where a lot of your buddies and family are married, get all the ladies together and have a wedding gown party. All of you can spend the night drinking cocktails, reminiscing about your wedding days and if you and your beau are still in the honeymoon stage and can’t be apart, invite all the guys in their suits to join. What may want to be more fun than a load of married couples partying in their wedding get-up?

Give It To A Charity

Wondering what to do with your wedding dress that will make you feel exact about yourself? Consider giving your dress to charity. Instead of letting your dress get dusty in your closet, give it to someone in need. Brides Across America provides wedding dresses to military brides who would be unable to come up with the money for it otherwise. If, realistically, you can’t be to spend time selling it, and don’t feel emotionally attached to it then why not?

There are also plenty of other charities and charity shops that will always welcome wedding dresses with open arms. It is such a nice way to reuse your wedding dress by making another bride who may not be as lucky as you the happiest girl in the world, able to wear the dress she dreamed half the price of it, and donating money towards an incredibly good cause? It’s pretty much a win/win situation.

Creating A Living Memory Of Your Wedding Day

With the wedding dress preservation kit, you’ll have a showpiece to consider your wedding day with. The cake only lasts a year in the fridge, and you’ll consume it on your anniversary. Your pictures will last a lifetime in their own personal beauty, but they don’t give you the alternative to touch your gown and relieve the fantastic reminiscences that come alongside with dancing the night away in this stunning gown.

With this kit, you can stare at your dress as frequently as you want. You can put your hands on it and have a tangible reminder of the happiest day of your life right in the palm of your hands. If that’s not what dreams are made of, we don’t know what dreams are made of. This is the best chance for you to create a living memory of something so lovely, and there’s no reason to pass this up.

Unlike other wedding gown preservation company who want you to pay a small fortune to retain your gown, we are affordable and trustworthy. You just got married, and we know a thing or two about weddings. We know they’re a little pricey, and your price range is probably blown two times over since you started planning. This is why it’s so essential to us to provide you a system that allows you to preserve your gown at a lower priced rate.

We want you to know your gown is safe with us, and we want you to experience inclined to preserve it. You already spent more on this than any other item of apparel you have, and we want you to be aware of you can keep it in ideal condition for the rest of your life except spending another fortune.

All lovely reasons to hold your wedding gown, and there is no reason not to make the decision. In fact, you can preserve it for no other cause than to prolong the number of years you get to play dress-up in it when no one is home. It’s your gift to yourself, and it’s one worth each penny. It’s safe, affordable, and you know your gown is constantly protected with us.