Should I Preserve My Wedding Dress? - Wedding Dress Preservation

Should I Preserve My Wedding Dress?

by Kunal Madan

should i preserve my wedding dress

A wedding gown is something which is used one day and stays on a hanger for the rest of its life. Girls keep pre-purchased wedding dresses years before the wedding and many years after. Oftentimes, bridal attire stays in closets and, sometimes, cling on the closet door. In such conditions, these clothes slowly yellow and rot. Wedding dress preservation saves a lot of space and allows owners to stop worrying about the dress' condition.

Preserving Wedding Dress - The Process

The industry combines very high-quality expertise and strategies from conservation science and experience with museum collections. Archive storage methods can now take care of the bride's wishes in an equal way as cloth conservations in museums. The upkeep method includes dry cleaning of the dress, chemical treatment (to forestall yellowing), stain inspection and cleaning, pressing, folding and carefully packing it into a special sealed container.

Air from the container is removed and changed by an inert gas mixture. Companies return the gown to the client in sealed boxes. The bridal gown is now ready for lengthy time period storage and safekeeping.

Wedding gown preservation has its own unique facets and techniques. Different gowns may have distinctive cleaning processes, depending on the fabric. The gown folding technique is carried out using exclusive gloves, which guard the dress from feasible particles consisting of oil and salt from the skin of the preservation technician. Preservation containers and folding tissues for the wedding dress differs from ordinary storage boxes, which are made from paper. Ordinary paper packing containers and folding tissues may additionally incorporate acid from tree pump that remains from the paper manufacturing process. Bridal robe preservation containers are generally made from plastic. Non-fabric factors of the gown may also convey on problems throughout the protection process. Metal details, such as zippers, may additionally purpose rust stains; and plastic may additionally melt or discolor, making marks.

Wedding Gown Preservation - The Costs

All preservation work commonly is performed by way of expert companies. Sometimes, companies offer only airtight containers, leaving the consumers to do all the preservation cleaning work which includes the folding (and on occasion the air removal). High stage industry professionals perform full reconstruction of any condition dress and its many elements. They will return it to its high-quality situation prior to the preservation. Some companies provide a guarantee for their work. This assurance can be as long as 20 years.

How much to clean a wedding dress? For full-service wedding dress preservation usually charges anywhere from a hundred and twenty to 350 US dollars. The fee depends on many factors. It is more expensive when the dress design is more complicated. Layers and the extra extent of the skirt make matters worse, which potential greater prices. Also, dresses with a lot of embroideries, beads, cathedral train or antique cloth are more high priced for preservation. Extra fees are also charged if the robe has pads and spills.

Wedding Memories - Forever

The big question that you want to ask after knowing the process and the cost is, should I preserve my wedding dress? Well, the end result of having your dream wedding dress exquisitely preserved gives you the protection of knowing that your gown will be in the same condition decades from the day you first wore it. It also helps preserve all of the emotions and memories of that day. So, when the time will come to pass the wedding dress onto your children or grandchildren, they will have a chance to see, touch or even put on your gorgeous wedding gown and share in the memory of your magical day.
Kunal Madan
Kunal Madan