Quick Cleaning Or Long-Term Preservation - What Is Best For Your Wedding Dress?

For brides, a wedding dress is more than just a garment and a symbol of an auspicious event; it is a statement of love, commitment, and cherished memories. But what should we do with this cherished garment after the special occasion?

Quick Cleaning Or Long-Term Preservation - What Is Best For Your Wedding Dress?

For brides, a wedding dress is more than just a garment and a symbol of an auspicious event; it is a statement of love, commitment, and cherished memories. But what should we do with this cherished garment after the special occasion?

You can do two things: first, get it cleaned and sell it or gift it to another bride; second, preserve it using a wedding gown preservation kit. Both options have their own merits and demerits. However, the question is: Should you go for professional wedding dress cleaning or invest in a preservation kit? Let’s discuss the same.

Why Wedding Dress Cleaning?

From the intricate lace to the flowing silk, every detail of the wedding dress embodies the essence of the special day. However, the aftermath of the dess celebrations often leaves the dress soiled with dirt, makeup stains, food spills, and more.

These stains not only diminish the dress's appearance but can also cause the fabric to break down, especially if left untreated. What's more? Untreated areas of the dress may gradually turn yellow, permanently deteriorating its pristine beauty. That is why wedding dress cleaning is important once the event is over. 

Wedding dress cleaning is similar to dry cleaning a wedding dress. It is a process of removing stains, dirt, and any other debris from the fabric of the dress. Professional cleaners use specialized techniques and solutions to delicately treat the fabric, ensuring that both visible and invisible stains are effectively removed without causing damage. 

Why Wedding Dress Preservation?

Many brides choose to preserve their wedding gowns for years to come as a memory of an auspicious event, whereas others choose to pass them to the next generation as a sign of love and blessings. 

But do you know exposure to environmental factors like UV rays, light, and moisture can turn your fairy white colored dress into yellow? That is why just wedding dress cleaning won’t give you the guarantee your wedding gown will be safe from future yellowing. Here is where long-term preservation comes into play.

While wedding dress cleaning addresses immediate concerns of cleanliness, preservation focuses on safeguarding the garment for the long term. Preservation involves specialized techniques and materials designed to protect the dress from environmental factors, such as light, moisture, and pests, that can cause irreversible damage over time.

What Is The Difference Between Wedding Dress Cleaning And Preservation?

In order to understand the difference between professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation, you need to know the steps involved in both procedures. So, here is a table of steps followed during wedding dress cleaning and wedding dress preservation.

Process Cleaning Preservation
Wet Cleaning Yes Yes
Spot/Stain Cleaning Yes Yes
Pressing Yes Yes
Protectant No Yes
100-Year Warranty No Yes
Display Chest No Yes
Formed Bust No Yes
Accessories No Yes

Steps Followed By Professional Wedding Dress Cleaners

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a process aimed at ensuring your wedding gown remains free from any contaminants that could turn it yellow over time. This method involves using safe and effective solvents to treat the entire dress while focusing on areas prone to soiling, like the hemline. Through the use of gentle brushes and sponges, stains and blemishes are targeted to restore your dress to its original brilliance. Wet cleaning also addresses invisible staining, such as perfume residues and sweat oils, leaving your gown spotless.

Spot/Stain Cleaning

Spot and stain cleaning is an essential step when it comes to cleaning or preserving wedding gowns. Even minor stains like lipstick marks can become unsightly blemishes over time. Eco-friendly cleaning solvents and custom treatments are applied to each stain to ensure thorough removal without compromising the fabric's integrity.


Permanent folds or creases can diminish the beauty of a wedding gown and lead to fabric wear over time, especially in areas like the bustle. In this step, the dress undergoes either machine or hand pressing to ensure it returns in flawless condition.


The final step in the preservation process involves applying a protective layer to the gown. This protective barrier not only ensures museum-quality results but also guarantees the gown remains free from yellowing or staining for decades. It also repels moisture and acts as a barrier against future stains if the gown is worn again.

100-Year Warranty

Wedding gown preservation kits typically come with a 100-year warranty against future yellowing and staining. This warranty helps build customer trust in the preservation methods employed, ensuring the gown remains its best for generations to come.

Display Chest

Wedding gowns are often presented in acid-free preservation chests, which can be personalized with a photo, name, and date. This allows the cherished memory of your wedding day to be shared with loved ones through a convenient viewing window.

Formed Bust

To maintain the gown's shape during storage, it is delicately laid over a custom preservation bust. This minimizes stress on the fabric, preventing any potential damage that could occur if the gown were hung in a closet.


Some wedding gown preservation companies also include the cleaning and preservation of up to five accessories from your wedding day, ensuring all elements of your special day are preserved with the same care and attention to detail as the gown itself.

Which Method Should You Choose?

Whether you should opt for quick cleaning or long-term preservation depends on your needs and preferences. Here is a table depicting when you should opt for only cleaning and when you should opt for long-term preservation.

Factors to Consider Quick Cleaning Long-Term Preservation
Sentimental Value If sentimental value is not a significant factor If preserving sentimental value is important
Budget If the budget is limited and preservation is not a priority If the budget allows for the preservation and the dress holds significant value
Future Plans If you have no plans to pass down the dress as an heirloom If intending to pass down a dress to future generations or keep it as an heirloom
Condition of Dress If the dress will be worn again shortly after the wedding If the dress will be stored for an extended period

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