Must Knows About Wedding Preservation

Must Knows About Wedding Preservation

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Prior to deciding what you will do with something that holds such significance to you, it is best to get informed on various options available to you and the process is involved with each option. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the process involved with online wedding dress preservation is likely to be uneasy. What's important to know is that sending your dress to a specialized preservation service is going to be much safer than relying on your local dry cleaning service that doesn't specialize in wedding dresses. The truth is, a lot of the times these dry cleaning services will accept weddings dresses but end up sending them away themselves. This is due to the fact they don't have the knowledge or the equipment to safely clean the delicate fibers that make up a wedding dress. Therefore, you would not only be saving money from cutting out the middle man, but you would be saving a lot of time, as well. In this article, we will be going over some answers to questions that are frequently asked about the process of this type of preservation and we will talk more about the process involved with it.

What Is "Gown Preservation" Exactly?

Wedding dress preservation is the entire process of not only cleaning, but also preserving a wedding dress after it has been worn for the respective occasion. This cleaning and preservation process typically features a variety of different steps throughout. First, the dress is inspected and cleaned both of the stains that are visible and the ones that aren't. From there, they integrate a preservation process into the mix which places the dress into something that seals it tight in order to preserve the dress in its entirety until it is needed again. This used to be a process that was entirely performed using basic cleaning chemicals and dry cleaning machinery. Luckily, the process has evolved and there has been more innovation in the industry which helps preserves dresses even better than ever before. Nowadays, there are specialized cleaning products, techniques, and equipment that is available that can remove everything from a dress including cooking oils, mud, and even grass stains.

Why Should I Get My Dress Preserved?

All you have to do is think about the various things your dress goes through on your big wedding day. After all, you have countless pictures you have to take. A lot of these pictures are likely going to put you in exotic, fun, and beautiful outdoor settings where your dress will be exposed to mud, grass, and more. There is plenty of walking around where the bottom of your dress will be mixing with dirt, dust, grime, and more. Then, at the reception, you will be drinking, dancing, and partying. No matter how careful you are during your big day, you will end up getting all kinds of stains on your wedding dress. It's not really avoidable. Being able to get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved professionally will ensure that your dress is restored back to its original condition.

Another reason you may want to opt for preservation is due to the fact that your dress is going to be subjected to oxidation. This can cause your dress to age. Your gown is made up of natural and delicate fabrics and materials which will begin to show signs of aging by yellowing. By getting it preserved, you can eliminate this through the preservation process.

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Do I Have Different Options For Gown Preservation?

Yes, you certainly do. We have both a Traditional Wedding Gown Preservation Kit and a Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit. Each includes the ability to personalize your order. First and foremost, you will be able to choose up to three items that you want to preserve along with your dress. Some examples that brides have used in the past were their pocketbook, veil, and some even opted to preserve their shoes. In addition to being able to preserve even more items, you will be able to customize your kid to include your photo, name, or both. After all, what better way to showcase your beautiful wedding dress to future generations in your family than by having a photo of yourself on your wedding day flaunting your gorgeous wedding dress?

How Long Does It Take?

The process involved with preserving your dress can take anywhere from as little as 6 weeks to as many as 8 weeks. This all depends on how much demand there is at the time. The busy season is typically ranging from July to October. Therefore, you can expect it to take a little bit longer during these months. It takes this long to preserve because each dress goes through a long and strenuous process to ensure that your dress is cleaned and preserved as well as possible.

Is Preservation Safe For My Dress?

Yes, getting your dress preserved is safer than bringing it to your local dry cleaning service. As mentioned, 95% of the dry cleaning services that do accept this task end up sending it off to companies like ours anyways. They simply don't have the equipment nor the expertise to handle the service on their own. We utilize a cleaning system known as SYSTEM K4 which is costly and requires specialized expertise which they don't have. For as long as we have been offering this specialized service, we have yet to lose a single dress in the mail. In order to be extra cautious and to protect each and every customer, we include insurance with each kit to ensure your dress is properly insured during shipment.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you aware your dress will begin yellowing from the moment you purchase it? Also, it's important to be aware that the longer you allow stains to sit there and absorb, the more difficult it is to remove them. By sending your dress in as soon as possible, you will be able to maximize the chances of preserving your dress to stay looking as good as it did on your big wedding day! That way, it will remain looking like that for future generations to come. Click here to view your preservation kit options.