Live Streaming Platforms You Can Use For Your Virtual Wedding

Bride and Groom Smiling

In today’s digital era, live streaming has become one of the easiest means if you want to share a special moment to your friends, family, and loved ones.

This goes the same as having virtual weddings. Due to the pandemic, a lot of couples chose to have virtual weddings to make sure that everybody is safe while they say “I do” and be legally married. 

The demand for live-streaming platforms significantly rose this year.

That is why it is sometimes difficult to know which platform is the best to use for sharing important and intimate events.

To help you choose which best suits your need, we listed some live-streaming platforms for you. We included all from DIY platforms to full-service wedding live streaming platforms.

Read on and take your pick!

Married Livestream

You can use this platform if you want to have an extremely professional looking live-streaming wedding. They can do professional videography with multiple camera and high-quality audio

Setups on the day of your wedding. You can check their website to see samples of their work and how to contact them.


This is one of the live-streaming platforms that is specifically made to cater to the new normal of having virtual weddings. Aside from providing one-click streaming access for viewing, they also provide different wedding services such as virtual wedding planning, equipment rentals, guest books, and many more. 

Instagram Live

Everyone loves to post their stories on Instagram and let their followers know what they are up to but now, Instagram can also be used for live-streaming virtual weddings. This is one of the platforms that you can use if you want to do a DIY live-streaming for your wedding. 

By simply turning on your IG live and setting up your phone in a good and stable angle, all your followers and not just your friends and family will be able to witness your wedding. One thing that you need to make sure when choosing an Instagram live as the platform for your virtual wedding is informing your guests what time you’ll have the Instagram live so they can start and finish the whole ceremony. 

Facebook Live

You cannot miss this when talking about live-streaming. Facebook live is probably the easiest platform to use if you want to have unlimited guests to your virtual wedding. This platform allows you to have consecutive live streaming for 8 hours without getting interrupted. By using this platform, you can let your guests witness you say “I do” until to your cake cutting and last dance.

WedWed Mobile

This is an all-in-one platform if you want to save time and energy planning for your virtual wedding. Aside from live-streaming, they also offer legal ceremonies in the process. That way, you do not have to go out and process your legal papers and just let them do it for you. 


You might have heard of this platform before since this is one of the well-known live-streaming platforms that couples use for their virtual weddings. Wedfuly collaborated with Zoom, another video meeting platform to offer couples luxe virtual wedding packages.

Their services include online invitations, creation of wedding websites, rental of live-streaming equipment, tech support, MCs, decoration for your wedding day, and so much more! If you want to save on time and effort, you can contact them and let them plan the best virtual wedding for you. 


If you do not want to spend more paying for live-streaming platforms for your wedding, then Lovecast is the best option for you. Aside from its easy to navigate, it can also help you organize your live-streaming better. 

You do not need to be techy to use this platform because it has one-click streaming access for unlimited guests and there is no need to download this app. All you have to do is send a link to your guests and viola they can already view your wedding ceremony. It also comes in a high definition quality video for your guests to have the best view when you say “I do”


This platform is probably one of the most used these days by those who are working and studying from home. Zoom is a well-known online meeting platform that helps teams connect to each other to discuss urgent and important matters while they work at home. But now, it does not only help companies but soon-to-be-married couples as well.

Zoom lets you have an intimate wedding celebration by creating and scheduling a meeting and sharing a link only to your invited guests. You can also set up a password and other needed credentials for logging in to make sure that only those you invited can access the streaming link. 

This platform allows 100 participants for free but can only limit the streaming to forty minutes. The downside if you want to use this platform is that you have to upgrade to invite more guests and use it for a longer period. 

YouTube Live

The same with other social media platforms, you can now use YouTube for your virtual wedding. You can go through the fun process of setting up your own YouTube wedding channel and post short videos of your preparation for your virtual weddings. Aside from that, you can also invite unlimited guests if you use YouTube live since it does not have any limits.

This platform also allows you to save, watch later, and save your live-streaming if you want to reminisce your virtual wedding ceremony. It is also easy to access as you only have to give the link to your guests and they can access it right away without any hassle. 

Simply Eloped

Just like other live-streaming platforms, Simply Eloped was specifically made for virtual weddings. Aside from streaming, they also offer tech support, consultation, and even recording your wedding ceremony and save it for future throwbacks if you feel like going through the memory lane. The best part is, they also provide legal processing of your wedding if you need to. 

There are a lot of platforms that you can use these days for your virtual weddings. You can choose which one best suits your needs but what is important is that it is easy to access and will not add any hassle to your guests. 

Remember that not all your guests are tech-savvy so choose the best platform that can accommodate everyone for more fun and memorable virtual wedding ceremony.