Important Tips in Preserving Your Wedding Dress - Wedding Dress Preservation

Important Tips in Preserving Your Wedding Dress

by Kunal Madan

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When you were still a little girl, you have probably imagined what it feels like to wear a beautiful white dress on your wedding day. You browse through different wedding magazines and websites on wedding dress styles that would make you look good as you exchange your wedding vows with the love of your life. 

Now that the time has come for this dream to become a reality, you give your best to make your plan as perfect as possible.


Wedding dresses are considered a big investment as you spent thousands for it to be created. It is also considered a keepsake because it holds a lot of significant memories that you can pass down to the next generation. Hence, it is important to keep it in its best condition through wedding dress preservation. Below are some important tips that can help you in preserving your wedding dress.

Bring it to a Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning Company ASAP


Right after wearing your wedding dress, you need to bring it to a professional wedding dress cleaning company. Your wedding dress needs to be cleaned to remove invisible stains. Stains that are not removed contribute to the yellowing of the fabric of your wedding dress. If not addressed quickly, the fibers of the fabrics used in your wedding dress may degrade and further damages may arise over time.

Look for a cleaning company that is an expert in cleaning wedding dresses. It is a must to choose the best cleaning company for your wedding because it needs extra care as it is made of delicate fabrics and intricate beading patterns. Look around your locality on all cleaning companies to compare the services and facilities they offer.

Decide on the Preservation Method


There are a few options on what preservation method you can use for your wedding dress. You need to choose the best preservation method that is best suitable for your wedding dress. You can simply avail of a preservation kit from wedding preservation dress companies. 

The kit includes an uncolored and acid-free tissue paper to wrap your dress and an acid-free storage box. The storage box is airtight to prevent moisture that may cause molds to your wedding dress. You can opt to keep your wedding dress at home or let the wedding dress preservation company take care of it.

Ask the experts on what wedding dress preservation method is applicable for your wedding dress. Experts will examine your wedding dress - the fabrics used and the embellishments it has. Prepare questions to be asked to the wedding dress preservation company such as:

  • What kind of box is to be used in storing your wedding dress?
  • Will the wedding dress be folded or hung?
  • Where will the wedding dress be stored?
  • How many times will the preservationist inspect the wedding dress to ensure that it has remained in pristine condition?

Secure a Contract From The Preservation Company

Your wedding dress is considered an investment. It is very important to secure a contract once you decide to bring it to a professional wedding dress preservation company. Be sure to ask your preservation company if you need to sign a waiver especially in instances wherein your wedding dress will have to go through third-party companies. 

This usually happens in the cleaning process of your wedding dress wherein they refuse to take responsibility for whatever damage that it may incur during this step in the preservation method.

Ask the wedding dress preservation company for a warranty. A warranty can guarantee that your wedding dress is well-taken care of by the preservation experts. Warranties can be very useful just in case the company did not perform their service well. The company will take responsibility for whatever may happen to your wedding dress in the future.

Know The Price


Preserving your wedding dress goes through a very delicate process. It will need high-end technology to make sure that it is preserved well. Wedding dress preservation companies offer different services and costs. 

Experts will examine the fabric, the embellishments, and the stains it has to determine the cost of preserving your wedding dress. Choose a company that offers a wide array of services that is worth the price and fit on your budget.

It is said that the cost of preserving your wedding dress is determined by the fabrics and embellishments it has. Hence, if the wedding dress is made of luxurious kinds of fabrics and has intricate beading patterns, the cost in preservation is expensive. In contrast, if the dress has fewer embellishments, it costs less. 

To add, choose a preservation company that offers a discount if you avail of all their services - from cleaning to the preservation process. This way, you will be able to pay less and save a huge amount of money in the course of preserving your wedding dress.

Preserving your wedding dress is very important to keep it looking fresh and new as possible. To be able to pass it down to the next generation, it will need to be properly taken care of. The process of preserving your wedding dress can be overwhelming as you will need to consider several factors before deciding. You can use the tips stated above to help you in the course of preserving your dress. 

Kunal Madan
Kunal Madan