How To Take Care of Your Wedding Dress Before and After Your Wedding

How To Take Care of Your Wedding Dress Before and After Your Wedding

Wedding dresses are considered a treasured item by most brides. It has undergone extensive planning to be able to create the wedding dress of their dreams. A great amount of time, effort, and money have been spent to make it into reality. 

Hence, this prized clothing needs to receive extra care both before and after your wedding day. Below are a few useful tips you can use to be able to keep your dress in its best condition before and after wearing it.

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Follow the Instructions


You are expected to not know about wedding dresses compared to the experts. However, the safest way to deal with your wedding dress before the wedding day is to simply follow the instructions given to you by the makers of your wedding dress. 

You have to ask them about all the possible things and scenarios that may happen to your wedding dress before the wedding day. Take note of the instruction or make sure to keep all the care labels provided to you by the wedding dressmakers.

Wrap your Gown. Never use plastic bags!

To protect the fabrics of your wedding dress from possible staining, wedding dress makers encourage you to wrap it. Use a garment bag that is made of muslin or cotton in wrapping it. Never use garment bags that are made of plastic. Wedding dresses that are wrapped in tight spaces like plastic bags tend to release chemicals that may result in discoloration of the white fabrics - yellowing.


If you don’t have any garment bags, you can use a white bed sheet to cover your wedding dress. Just cut through the sheet where the padded hanger can pass if you plan to hang your wedding dress. This is the best alternative to plastic wraps as it allows your wedding dress to breathe. 

Hanged or Folded?


Know what kinds of wedding dresses are appropriate for hanging or folding. You have to examine what your wedding dress is made of before deciding on what kind of storing you will use.


Light and airy dresses are best suited for hanging. Gowns that are made of fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, and other kinds of laces are considered lightweight which is perfect for hanging. Use the hanger loops attached to the wedding gown to secure it while hanging. It is best to use a padded hanger for this. Hangers with rough edges may destroy the fabrics of your wedding dress. 


Wedding dresses that use fabrics with medium to heavyweight and have intricate beading patterns need to be laid flat or folded. Examples of these fabrics are silk, satin, and crepe. A heavy wedding dress is not suited for hanging because the seams may break if hung for a long period. Fold your dress and stuff the areas that need to retain its shape such as the bust with uncolored tissue paper. Store it inside an acid-free box.

Secure it in a Safe Place

Secure the wedding dress in a safe place in your house. Look for a room that does regularly change its temperature level. Changing of temperature may contribute to chemical discharge from the fabrics that may cause aging and yellowing. The room must be cool and dark. Exposure to heat and direct sunlight destroys the quality of the fabric. 

Don't Handle it on Your Own

You have to make sure that your wedding dress is still in its best condition before you wear it on your wedding day. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid handling it on your own. Do not remove it inside the garment bag or storage box where it is stored to avoid accidental staining. 

If you wish to do so, wash your hands thoroughly to remove natural body oils before touching the wedding dress. Oils can attract dirt which may destroy your wedding dress.


After wearing your wedding dress with pride and glory on your wedding day, you still need to take care of it. If you plan to keep it as a keepsake of the most memorable day of your life, you must invest in a wedding preservation kit. 

Clean your Wedding Dress

Before starting the process of wedding dress preservation, you need to clean it first. Cleaning is the most important step in wedding dress preservation. Bring your wedding dress to an expert wedding dress cleaning company to remove the dirt it has acquired when you wore it.

Unremoved stains contribute greatly to the degradation of fabric fibers which may destroy your wedding dress. There are a few cleaning companies in New Jersey that specialize in wedding dress cleaning. Just research around the locality in which the cleaning company has the best reviews and suits your budget.

Invest in a Wedding Preservation Kit

Bring your wedding dress to a wedding dress preservation company. The expert preservationists in the company will examine your dress to determine what kind of preservation method is suitable for your wedding dress. Make sure to choose a kit that is the best fit for your wedding dress and your budget. 

When it comes to storing the wedding dress, make sure that the preservation company is using an uncolored and acid-free tissue paper to wrap your dress. The box should be strong enough, airtight, and made of lignin-free materials to ensure that it is safe from elements that may risk the fibers of the fabrics. 

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Taking care of your wedding dress is a delicate process and may need a lot of patience. Following the suggested steps above will guarantee that your wedding dress will remain in its best condition before and after your wedding day.