How to Plan a Wedding When You're Out of Time

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Weddings are very magical. You have probably attended a few weddings, it can be your relatives or closest friends and was amazed at how everything turned out to be dreamy and memorable. Now is your time to create something similar or maybe the best wedding everyone could think of. This would not be possible if you have not undergone extensive planning. 

It needs months or years to have enough time to choose and decide on things you want to include in your dream wedding. However, if you are caught in a situation where you have to plan for a wedding when you’re out of time, everything would be all over the place. 

It can be very overwhelming on your part as you have to think and fix things in a short period. Don’t panic. We will help you get through this. Below are a few things that can help you on how to plan a wedding when you’re out of time.


Determine Your Budget and (if possible) Stick to it

Before going full force with your wedding planning, it is important to set your budget first. Setting or determining your wedding budget can help you in deciding the things for your wedding that need to be prioritized. If you are short on budget, you need to carefully choose what you should include in your wedding and what you should sacrifice. If you already have the budget, you can start allocating it.

If possible, you should stick to your budget to avoid unnecessary expenses that are not important for a wedding. You can also prepare an extra amount of money just in case an emergency arises.

List, List, List, and Deadlines

To make sure that every single thing needed for your wedding is met, you need to make a checklist. A checklist is very helpful when it comes to planning or organizing an event as it guides and reminds you of the tasks that need to be accomplished. 

Alongside making a list, you should set a deadline on when a certain thing you listed should be achieved. Don’t be too hard on yourself, set a grace period especially on things that need a longer period to be realized.

Examples of the things that you should include in your lists are the wedding theme, wedding venue, wedding dress, wedding rings, decorations, catering, guest lists, and many more. You can list as many as you want as long as it is feasible knowing that you only have a short period to work on it.


Consider Hiring the Pros

If you are not confident enough with doing things on your own, you can hire professional wedding planners or organizers for your wedding. There are a lot of professional wedding planners in New Jersey that you can tap. Their rate depends on the service packages they offer and the level of coordination you need. 

The price usually starts at $1800 and it can go as high as up to $4000. Professional wedding planners and organizers have broad connections that can help them in achieving the things needed for your wedding. They can help you contact different companies that offer a wide array of services such as venues, decorations, food, and wedding dresses

With this, you will have a lot of options to choose from that fit your preferences and budget. Hiring the pros can help you speed things up especially that you are out of time. 


Research and Prepare for the Legalities

Weddings do not end when you walk down the aisle, say your "I do’s", and kiss your significant other on your wedding day. It is not all about just being dreamy and magical. You also need to go through the legalities. On your wedding day, you marry your other half. 

The person who you’ll spend your life with. Marriage is considered a legal and social union of man and woman that is bounded by laws. With this, you will need to prepare the pertinent papers needed for your wedding. You can research laws in your locality that concerns marriage so that you are prepared to officially license your marriage.


Reward Yourself

While planning for your wedding, you should insert different activities in between. Don’t forget to take a breath and relax even though you only have a short period to come up with a wedding that is worth the books. Stress and pressure are evident in this one. That is why it is important to have breaks. After all, you are the protagonist of this event. It would not be good to look haggard on your wedding day, right?

Reward yourself with a short get-away or vacation with your family or closest friends. Plan for 2 to 3 days vacation to spend your last months (or days) of being a single man or woman. Tapping all the bride’s and groom’s close friends! 

Gather and organize a bridal shower and bachelorette party where you can enjoy the night to relieve the stress that they are feeling. Prepare fun games and prizes so that everyone will actively participate in the party that you organized.


Wedding planning can be quite challenging. You have to undergo unnecessary stressful events to realize the wedding that you have been dreaming for. The stress doubles (or even triples) especially if you’re out of time. 

You have to plan and prepare for the important things needed for your wedding for a short period. Decision-making becomes rushed and you are expected to compromise or sacrifice things to make your dream wedding successful. However, it is best to just enjoy the process and create wonderful memories as you plan for your upcoming wedding.