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How Much Does It Cost To Preserve A Wedding Dress?

by Kunal Madan

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You've spent a lot of time and money on your wedding dress. From the month(s)-long search for the best one to the investment of buying it, your wedding dress is not something you favor to just dangle up in your closet like any old dress.

If you plan on keeping your dress either as a keepsake or to perhaps omitting down to your very own daughter one day, you'll prefer to have a wedding gown preservation and get it properly cleaned and preserved.

Many brides select to re-sell their used wedding robes after the Big Day. But making certain your dress is easy and ready to go to a new bride is necessary for the selling process. When choosing how to clean your wedding gown, dry cleaning is the safest and most low-cost way to put together your dress to be sold.

But how much will it actually cost to dry clean or have a wedding dress preservation?

If you are thinking about how much a wedding dress dry-cleaning cost, then you must read it below. Dry-cleaning gives your dress with the deep clean it needs after your Big Day so it continues to appear brilliant and will no longer let that soda and cake stains visible. Check the fashionable estimated price of wedding dress dry cleaning service, as well as a few guidelines to assist you to keep away from paying way too much.

How Much to Clean a Wedding Dress


These days, the price of the professional wedding dress cleaning is typically ranges from $200 to $300 but must not exceed to $300; you'll be aware of that you're not getting the exceptional deal if you're paying more than that; including upgrades and any special treatment needed in preserving your wedding dress. Some offerings includes a preservation box and the price above $400 . 

Whether the dress is cleaned in-house or dispatched elsewhere is a big factor in identifying the cost. Wedding dress dry cleaning prices is normally a fixed rate, even if the gown is greater intricate and consists of plenty of layers and beading. Dry cleaning a wedding gown through a high-end dry cleaner can run you around $500. That's just baseline, though. If you have different special requirements, the price is likely to increase.

The most costly part of the dry cleaning procedure is pulling the oils out of the dress; dirt and grass stains are usually covered in the base charge price. Pulling oils out of the wedding gown can usually run you somewhere from $15-$50 extra.

However, wedding dresses made of lace or that have heavy beading ought to be the exception, some companies will cost as much as $500 for robes made out of this material. No matter the material type, we charge a flat fee. Our wedding gown cleaning kit is only $225 and is done by wedding cleaning experts.

To know more about wedding dress cleaning services, make sure to visit our Clean Only Kit

If you would like to clean and preserve your gown, the Traditional Preservation Kitis $298.



Having a several lookup is thoroughly recommended to make certain you achieved not just the top price, but that your gown would not come back broken or in any other case ruined.

Yelp is a wonderful resource, as is word-of-mouth and any other review sites you can find.

You can also check the Google reviews and Facebook reviews to take a look at the wedding gown preservation company reviews.

How long does dry cleaning take?


Dry cleaning a wedding gown should take somewhere from a few days to a month depending on how many layers are on your gown and how busy the dry cleaning shop is.

If you're fortunate enough and the shop isn't busy, a fantastic dry cleaning for a wedding gown must take two to three days. Making certain that you take your gown to a well-known wedding gown cleaning and preservation company is the most necessary phase of the cleaning process.

Taking your robe to your nearby dry cleaning company runs the danger of having the company itself shipping off your gown to a wholesale dry-cleaning company.

Wedding Dress Preservation Company

How much does it cost to preserve a wedding dress?


A company that offers cheap but reliable wedding dress preservation is something to think about over preferred dry cleaning. Just ship your wedding dress to the preservation company for free for a thorough inspection and cleaning. You will get your gown back for a free shipping in a UV-protected container that consists of room for different objects you are preserving, such as your veil and shoes. The package features special gloves for handling the dress. It also comes with a 100-year guarantee. Your dress will continue to be beautiful and white for the rest of your existence if you pick this service! 

We charge $225 to clean and preserve your wedding gown. This includes shipping, insurance, 100 anti yellowing guarantee, and 5 free accessories. Click HERE to see more details about the preservation kit. 


Kunal Madan
Kunal Madan