How Does a Wedding Dress Box Preserve the Fabric and Embellishments?

How Does a Wedding Dress Box Preserve the Fabric and Embellishments?

It is fair enough for a bride to search for the perfect wedding dress for countless hours, possibly months, as it is likely to be the most sentimental purchase of her lifetime. However, after the wedding, many brides sell their gown, whereas others store it in a closet.

For those who wish to preserve their precious gown as a keepsake or heirloom to pass on to future generations, proper storage is crucial. However, it's a fact that many brides are unaware of the best practices for preserving their wedding gowns. This is where the wedding dress box can make a significant difference.

What is a Wedding Dress Box?

A wedding dress box and wedding preservation kit is a specially designed container that creates the perfect environment for storing wedding gowns. 

This box is made of sturdy material to protect the fabric and embellishments of the gown from sunlight, humidity, and other environmental factors. 

Thus, it helps to protect the fabric from getting stained, faded, or damaged in any way, which increases its lifespan.

Features of a Wedding Dress Preservation Box

A wedding dress box is the ultimate way to keep your wedding gown as pristine as it was on your wedding day. Here is why a dress preservation box is ideal for long-term storage:

  • Durability: The box is made to last a lifetime. It won’t compress or add wrinkles to your dress, so it helps you preserve it easily.
  • Custom Sizing: Since different wedding dresses require different storage boxes, the box size is designed to store your dress without squeezing it. You can easily add 5 additional items to your box.
  • Protection: The dress is cushioned and padded with acid-free tissue paper, which helps prevent the rubbing of the different layers of fabric. Moreover, extra cushioning in the box supports and protects beads, sequins, and lace.
  • Secure Closure: It has secure closures to keep the dress free from dust, insects and moisture.
  • Breathability: The wedding dress box is constructed of breathable material, which helps prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Viewing Window: It has a transparent viewing window, allowing you to view your dress without opening the box.

Benefits of Using Wedding Dess Box

Whether you have taken your vows yesterday or years ago, preserving your wedding gown is never too late. Here is why you should use a wedding gown box.

  • Prevents exposure to sunlight, humidity, and dust for long-term storage.
  • Protects intricate details such as lace and beadwork.
  • Helps to avoid yellowing and other damage to the fabric.
  • Ideal for simple and space-saving storage.
  • Has a viewing window for easy display.
  • Safe for transportation and storage.
  • Helps preserve sentimental value.

How can a Wedding Dress Box Preserve Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding dresses are made of delicate fabric that can easily be stained, faded, or damaged. So, it is wise to think about proper wedding dress storage and plan to ensure your gown remains pristine for years to come. 

Discoloration, yellowing, and staining of the dress fabric are the results of contact with acidic materials like tissue paper and cardboard. However, the wedding dress boxes are made of acid-free material and have a neutral pH. As a result, they eliminate the chances of fabric degradation and discoloration.

Moreover, acid-free tissue paper provides cushioning to embellishments such as ribbon, hand-beading, embroidery, lace, or sequins. It helps protect the embellishments of your wedding dress from snagging, fraying, and coming loose.

At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation, we offer wedding dress preservation kits to keep your wedding gown for 100 years while maintaining its integrity. Our kits are made up of acid-free material, helping you preserve your precious gown for years to come. 

No matter your dress's material or how many layers it has, we can handle all types of gowns. We add cushioning and acid-free tissue paper between the layers to protect the delicate fabric and prevent wear and tear.

Things to Do After Preserving Your Gown in Wedding Dress Box

Several factors contribute to the wear and tear of a wedding dress, including UV light, humidity, temperature fluctuations, tension, handling technique, and more. So, it is best to understand the wedding dress storage techniques for its long-term storage. So, here are a few tips you can follow to preserve your wedding gown:

  • Light, especially UV light, can fade the color or fabric. So, it is good to store your preserved wedding dress box in a dark area. 
  • In addition, high temperatures and humidity can lead to mold growth and structural damage. So, make sure you store your dress in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated room. Avoid storing it in basements or attics, where temperature and humidity levels fluctuate significantly. You can choose to use a dehumidifier to maintain the right humidity level.
  • While wedding dress boxes come with a viewing window so that you can see your wedding dress, you may want to check its fabric after a few years to ensure no signs of deterioration. At times, remember that wedding dresses can easily absorb oil, dirt and sweat from your hands. So, make sure you clean your hands when handling your gown.
  • Keeping your wedding gown folded for the long term can lead to permanent wrinkles. So, ensure there is an added layer of acid-free tissue paper between the sleeves, bodice and train. This will help prevent friction and permanent wrinkling.
  • Last but not least, never hang your wedding dress in a closet, as it can distort its shape.

The Bottom Line

For those who wish to keep the dress looking as beautiful as the day it was worn or pass it on to future generations, a wedding dress box is the best option. It is not just about storage but preservation of the memories and beauty of your wedding dress.

At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservations, our kits are designed with these points in mind. They are ideal for securely sealing and preserving your wedding gown and sentiments attached to it for years to come. They can protect your dress from dust, insects, moisture, and UV light. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and choose your wedding dress preservation kit now!