Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Gown Preservation or Restoration

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Wedding gowns are considered as a women's most prized possessions. This holds a lot of significant memories - from the day you started planning it to the day when you wore it at your wedding. You have probably spent a great amount of time deciding on the style that it should have, the fabrics and embellishment it should be made of, and many more. It has turned you into the best version of yourself while exchanging vows with your husband. 

Right after wearing it, you have probably heard of people suggesting to have it preserved. This is to preserve the memories and for future purposes. If you are still wondering what wedding gown preservation is, we got you! Below are a few frequently asked questions about wedding gown preservation or restoration that can help you in deciding if you should invest in one.


What is wedding gown preservation?


Wedding gown preservation is a specialized process that ensures the protection of your wedding gown from fabric yellowing and aging in the future. The process of wedding gown preservation involves deep cleaning of invisible stains and wrapping of the wedding gown using state-of-the-art equipment.

Why does my wedding gown need to be cleaned?

Wedding gown cleaning is considered the most important step in the wedding gown preservation process. It is in this step wherein all the stains, visible and invisible, are removed from the wedding gown. Unremoved stains contribute to the degradation of the fabric fibers which results in yellowing and aging of the fabric. 

Should my wedding gown be dry cleaned or wet cleaned?

The answer to this question is uncertain not unless you bring your wedding gown to the professional wedding dress cleaning company. The expert cleaners will examine the fabric and embellishment of your wedding gown to determine what cleaning method is suitable for your wedding gown. 

Dry cleaning is the most common form of cleaning method used by wedding gown cleaners. It uses chemicals or solvent agents to degrease wedding gowns that acquired oil-based stains. Examples of oil-based stains are food oils and Eau de parfum. 

Professional wedding gown cleaners need to take extra care in dry cleaning wedding gowns because the harsh chemicals might destroy the fabric and embellishments of the wedding gown.

Wet cleaning is suitable for wedding gowns that acquired water-based stains such as perspiration and wines. Professional cleaners use water to spot-clean stains in this kind of method. Wedding gowns that use synthetic fibers are best suited for this kind of cleaning method.

How much does wedding dress cleaning costs?


There are several professional wedding dress cleaning companies in New Jersey that you can choose from. Each company offers different types of services that are designed to suit the needs of your wedding gown and your budget. Most cleaning companies price their cleaning services $300 - $600. Depending on the company, they add extra costs if you avail extra services such as transporting and storing your wedding gown. 

What happens after cleaning your wedding gown?

If you are done with the process of cleaning your wedding gown, the next step is to immediately bring it to the wedding gown preservation company of your choice. It is important to bring your gown to the wedding gown preservation company as soon as possible to avoid exposing it to elements that may subject your wedding gown to staining. 

What is the process of wedding gown preservation?

Experts in the wedding gown preservation company will examine and inspect your wedding gown on the fabrics, embellishments, and if it has been thoroughly cleaned to determine what preservation and storing method is best suited for your wedding dress. 

Boxing is the most common wedding gown preservation method used by preservationists. In this method, your wedding gown is folded and wrapped in an uncolored and acid-free tissue paper or muslin wrap. Areas that need to retain its shape such as the bust area are also stuffed with this kind of paper. After wrapping, it is stored in an acid-free and sturdy preservation box. 

Hanging is the least desired method by preservationists in storing and preserving your wedding gown. Your wedding gown is wrapped in an acid-free garment bag and is hanged in a padded hanger. Experts do not suggest this kind of method as hanging your wedding gown for a long period may destroy the seams of the dress. 

How much does wedding gown preservation costs?

Wedding gown preservation is priced between $250-$750. It can also go as high as $1000 depending on the preservation company you choose and the services you purchased. Most preservation companies offer a wedding gown preservation kit package that includes the cleaning method and the wedding dress preservation kit. The kit is composed of the wrap and box for storing. 

Experts suggest that if you choose a costly preservation method, always ask the company for a warranty. Warranties can guarantee that your wedding gown is well taken care of by the preservation company.


When should you start preserving your wedding gown?

NOW! It is best to start as soon as possible. Right after your wedding, bring it immediately to the preservation company to ensure that your wedding gown will remain in its pristine condition.

Wedding gown preservation is a very delicate process. Following the process religiously will help you in successfully preserving your prized wedding gown which you can pass down to the next generation.