Acid-Free Wedding Dress Box: Everything You Need To Know

Acid-Free Wedding Dress Box: Everything You Need To Know

Aside from having your dress cleaned and preserved right after your wedding, how you store it is also an important thing to take note of. Cleaning and preservation companies advise brides to store their gown in an acid-free wedding dress preservation box to maintain its good condition for a long time. There are a lot of acid-free materials that you can use to preserve your gown. 

If you are not familiar with these kinds of materials, there is nothing to worry about because we will help you out. We have prepared the most common questions of the bride about what an acid-free wedding dress box is and why it is important. Read on below to find out the answers to your questions.

What is an acid-free wedding dress box?

Most of the trusted wedding dress cleaning and preservation companies use an acid-free wedding dress to give the dress a long-lasting life. An acid-free wedding dress or also known as the acid-neutral box is used as storage where wedding gowns are placed when it has been cleaned and preserved. 

The reason why companies use an acid-free wedding dress storage box is to avoid humidity from forming inside of the box that can cause yellowing of the dress. Aside from the box, companies also include an acid-free tissue paper where you can wrap your dress, a special polyester viewing window, and an acid-free bust to maintain the shape of the dress.

You can ask your preservation company for a wedding dress box that exactly fits your gown because most of the time, they offer a customized size depending on the size of the gown. Storing your gown in an acid-free storage box adds more guarantee that your dress will last longer.

But, do remember that before you store your wedding gown in a dress storage box , it must undergo proper cleaning and preservation. Storing it in a wedding dress keepsake box without removing harmful stains will not do any good to your gown, rather it will be more damaging if not cleaned properly.

Different types of acid-free wedding dress box

There are different types of acid-free wedding dress boxes, depending on your personal preference. Here are some of the options for wedding dress boxes for storage that you have. 

  • Golden acid-free wedding gown box- This is one of the most expensive storage boxes available in the market. If you want a fancy box for your wedding gown, you can opt to buy this one. It has a complete set of other materials, such as the acid-free tissue and an acid-free bust. It also looks more elegant because of its golden color.
  • DIY preservation box- Most brides ask the preservation companies to provide them the storage box, but some brides prefer to do-it-themselves. If you prefer to create your own acid-free wedding dress box, make sure that you make it properly because the life of your dress depends on it. 
  • Customized storage box from the preservation company- Aside from cleaning and preserving your gown, preservation companies also customize storage boxes depending on the size of your dress and other personal preferences. Tell them how you want your wedding gown preservation box to look like so they can customize it for you. Do not be afraid to ask them questions so that they can assist you properly. 

Whatever option you choose for your wedding gown storage box, the most important thing to remember is that your gown must be cleaned well before storing it in an acid-free box for a wedding dress. Only then can you assure that your dress will last longer.


Benefits of an acid-free storage box

Aside from getting your wedding dress a longer life, here are other benefits that you’ll get if you store your gown in an acid-free storage box.

  • Prevents humidity from accumulating in your dress to avoid yellowing and other damage.
  • Easy to store.
  • Lets you see and check your dress from to time without damaging it.
  • Protect your gown from stains, dirt, and dust.

Storing your dress properly is very crucial because it is where the life of your gown depends. If you wish to pass on your dress to your daughter or granddaughter, the more that you should invest in an acid-free storage box.

Aside from that, having your wedding gown cleaned and preserved is one more thing to put in mind. Contact your most trusted wedding gown cleaning and preservation company right away so they can start a museum-quality restoration on your gown.