8 Things to Tick Off Your Wedding Planning Tasks While Staying at Home

bride and groom kissing

Every couple who wishes to get married this year was probably very busy planning their wedding last March right before the pandemic started. Wedding plans suddenly took an unexpected twist as wedding ceremonies were put on a pause. However, that does not mean you cannot continue planning your wedding. 

We have prepared a list of the things that you can tick off your wedding planning tasks while you are safely staying at home. Check them out below.

#1 Update Your Registry

Since you are staying at home, there will be more time for you to notice what you are missing and include them in your registry. Go around your house and see what items you never knew you needed until now. Take your time and make sure not to miss anything so you don’t have to update your registry again and again.

You might need a toaster for your morning breakfast or a blender. Add them to your registry. This is the right time to do it as you have longer time to prepare for your wedding.

#2 Look For a Wedding Dress

You might have listed a few candidates for your wedding dress but there are a lot more beautiful gowns out there that you have not yet checked. Go and do more research on wedding dresses online as there can be a lot of options to choose from. 

Checking out designer’s websites is a great help as well as asking suggestions from your wedding coordinators. They probably know a lot of professional designers in the industry that can help you find the best wedding gown for your big day.

#3 Re-write Your Vows

Now is the best time to re-read your vows and do some editing if you wish. Most of the time, couples write their vows in a hurry so make use of this time to re-write your vow and make it more personal for your fiance. Add some words of gratitude to show how much you value each other and you can also put some important messages that you have been wanting to tell your fiance and did not have the courage to do so. Vows are important so make sure to write it wholeheartedly. 

#4 Organize Your Guest List

This is really important because you would not want to miss anyone on your list and have some misunderstanding with them. Recall all the names of people you want to invite to your wedding and draft list. You can remove some names if they confirmed that they cannot attend your wedding day. Give their slot to those who are willing to go but not yet on your list. 

It is also important to organize your guest list according to groups. For example, you can create a separate list for your family, friends, acquaintances, relatives, and workmates so that it is easier to track who are not yet in your list and if you have listed some names twice.

#5 Organize a virtual planning session

If you have a wedding coordinator, make sure that you keep in touch with them about all the details and preparations for the wedding. You can set up a zoom meeting with your coordinators and list down all the needed things to be done. Check with them if the reservations are done and if the menus are updated based on your last comments. 

Even if your wedding is not affected by the lockdon, it is still safer to hold a meeting with your wedding planners to make sure that everything is going smoothly and that you are not missing anything. 

#6 Enroll in Online Dance Lessons

Make the most of your time at home by learning some dance lessons so that you will be more than ready to ace your first dance. There are a lot of online dance classes that you can join and enroll in. While you’re at it, better to do it with your fiance so you can practice your first dance together and have some indoor romantic date night. You can clear some space in your lounge or living room and use it to practice.

#7 Get Those Wedding DIYs Out of The Way

If you got some DIY stuff on your wedding planning to-do list, this is the right time to get it done. Grab your fiance and sit down to do some good old-fashioned fun: arts and crafts. Put some glitters on your invitation, tie a ribbon, and paint some mason jars for your giveaways. Do it together to make it more fun. You can also sew your veil and put a little detail to it or create some fun photo booth props that your guests can use during your wedding. 

#8 Create a Winning Playlist

This is probably one of the easiest wedding to-do lists that you can do at home. Start thinking and listing for songs that you want to suggest to your DJ for your reception playlist. There are a lot of moments where you need to play some music and it’s not just for the evening dance. You need to make a list of upbeat, chill, and acoustic songs for different parts of the ceremony. 

You can also ask for some suggestions from your friends and relatives about what songs they want to include in the playlist. They might be giving you some of the best wedding songs you never knew. It is good to have a lot of options so you won’t run out of songs to play. 

Maximize your time while staying at home by planning your wedding. There are a lot of things that you can do while keeping yourself safe. Above all, the most important wedding task that you should do at home is to practice self-care. 

Have enough sleep, take a relaxing bath, ask your fiance for a massage, and do some skincare routines to keep yourself pampered. Always remember to take care of your well-being so that you stay the prettiest on your big day!