8 Things to Do Right After Your Wedding

Bride and Groom at the Beach

After months of sleepless nights of planning the important things for your wedding, you have finally reached the finish line and said your magical “I dos” to each other. Spending time and making special memories with your other half, family, friends through fun-filled chats and activities on your wedding day, you and your fiance definitely feel exhausted. 

Now is the time to relax and savor the moment together with your special one. Below are some activities you can do with your husband or wife days after your wedding.

Preserve your wedding dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most precious items you have purchased for your wedding. You spent a great amount of time planning on the style, fabric, and embellishments your dream wedding dress will use. 

The wedding dress is considered as a keepsake that is why most brides invest in preserving their wedding dress. Preserving your wedding dress will help it in staying pristine so that you can pass it down to the next generations.

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Clean up your reception venue and return the equipment you rented for your wedding

Looking for the venue is also one of the most challenging parts in planning for your wedding day.  There are a number of options you can choose that is best suited on your preference, location, and budget.  Along with securing the venue for your wedding, you have probably rented a few things such as chairs, tables, audio equipment, and other decorations to complete the look. 

This might be the least relaxing activity of spending your post-wedding day but it is very important to put away the things you used in your venue. It is a must to make a list and return it as soon as your wedding day ends to avoid damaging the equipment or worse losing it. You can also ask help from your family or relatives in doing this.

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Update your social media

Technology has helped us a lot in communicating with our friends and loved ones easily. People are now on different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the latest updates on things that are happening around them. Right after your wedding, your husband or wife can snuggle on your bed or couch and update your friends and family that you have finally tied the knot. 

You can change your relationship status together as well as upload unofficial photos or videos you personally took during your ceremony and reception. It is also a good way of reminiscing one of the best moments of your life as newly wedded husband and wife.

Open gifts

Isn’t it satisfying to hear the tearing of the gift wrappers from the gifts you receive on your wedding? Opening gifts is one activity you can do right after your wedding. In this way you will be able to know what are the things your guests have given to you which can be useful in your life as husband and wife. Most of the gifts that you can expect are kitchenware such as pans, plates, mugs, and glasses; appliances, bathroom essentials and many more.

Intimate brunch with family and friends

Most of the newly wed couples these days host an intimate brunch  with their family and closest friends the day after the wedding. In this way, you will be able to mingle with the special people in your lives which you might have not done during wedding day or reception because you were preoccupied in entertaining your other guests. 

Treat yourself to a spa

After all the stress you have undergone while preparing your wedding and on the day, you deserve a relaxing massage or facial with your husband or wife. You can eat and drink while enjoying the amenities a spa has to offer.

Pack for your honeymoon

A wedding would not be complete if you don’t spend alone time with your significant other. Most of the couples book flights to different countries and travel. Others schedule weeks after or days after the wedding. Packing for your honeymoon is another good activity you can do together. You can spend at least an hour or two carefully planning the things to do and choosing the things to bring for your honeymoon. 


Relax! Don’t forget to relax, unwind, and enjoy the first day as newly wedded husband and wife. After weeks of constant preparation and sleepless nights, you deserve to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, and just cuddle together as you look back on the memorable things that happened during the course of your preparation until your wedding day.

Planning for a big event is very stressful. You deserve to relax and enjoy the first few days of your married life. You can engage in various activities that both of you love to do while making new memories together.