8 Must-Do Checklist Right After Your Wedding Day

8 Must-Do Checklist Right After Your Wedding Day

You just had one of the most magical moments in your life that is your wedding and honeymoon, and all you must be thinking of right now is to have a rest. After a long and tiring preparation, all you probably want is to relax and enjoy some moments with your husband. But that is not the case because your married life is yet to start. 

Most couples forget that the essential part of their lives is yet to begin right after their wedding. There are tasks that they need to cross off their wedding to-do list before they can enjoy some relaxing time. To help you track all of the must-do things after a wedding, we have prepared a checklist to make sure you got everything covered right after your memorable wedding day.

#1 Pack For Your Honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon is probably the first thing you need to do right after your wedding day. Whether you will leave right away the next morning or a few days after, pack your must-bring things to your honeymoon so you won’t forget anything. 

Remember that you will be away from the comfort of your home for a while, so make sure you have everything prepared and packed. You would not want to cause inconvenience to your friends and parents to deliver the things you forgot to bring. 

#2 Send Gift of Appreciation to Your Guests

There is nothing more comforting than having your personally picked guests on your wedding day. Some of them filed a leave or emptied their schedule to be with you on the most memorable day of your life. To show how grateful you are of them, send each of your guests a gift of appreciation. It can be a simple token or a thank you card will do. They will surely love it, knowing that you remembered them even after your wedding and that you are thankful for them.

You can also include some printed photos of the wedding so they can keep a memory of that day. Photos will also help them remember that they shared tears and laughter with you on the day you said “I do” to the love of your life. 

#3 Double-Check If You Have Paid Your Vendors

Get back to your vendors and ask them if you have paid them fully. While preparing for your wedding, there will be times when the agreement you had with your vendor is to pay in full after they rendered the service. In that case, you must make sure to settle all balances and finances to avoid any misunderstanding and problems. 

You never know you might be needing them again in the future for other events. So make sure to double-check if you still owe them and pay them off right after your wedding or once you get back from honeymoon.

#4 Contact a Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Company

After having so much fun and moving a lot on your wedding day, you never know what kind of dirt your wedding gown got. That is why it is essential to have it cleaned right away, especially if you want to preserve it. Remember that having your dress dry-cleaned does not give the same result as having it cleaned by professionals.

Search for the most trusted wedding gown cleaning and preservation company in your area and contact them right away. There are other invisible stains in your dress that might cause harm if not cleaned right away. Do not let your wedding gown go to waste as it holds a special memory of your wedding day. 

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#5 Change Your Last Name (if you want) on Documents and Accounts

You are not a Miss anymore, so it is the time to change your last name to all of your accounts. It is essential to do this because you will be using your husband’s last name from now on, and it must synch to all of your active accounts. No one requires either of you to change their last name, but if any of you do, make this as a priority. Do this right after your honeymoon, so all your transactions after the wedding will be under a new full name. 

#6 Arrange Your Wedding Gifts

Aside from your family and friends, your guests will also be bringing their gifts. There will be too many gifts for you to handle, that is why you must arrange and pack it well right after the wedding. You might forget some wedding gifts if you do not check it as soon as you get back from the honeymoon, and that might hurt the feelings of your guests. 

Let them feel appreciated by showing them that you took care of their gifts. You might receive china or silver, so store them properly in safe storage. We recommend not stacking them in high places and put a piece fo felt paper in between each plate to avoid friction and scratches. 

#7 Contact Your Photographer

Of course, the post-wedding checklist is not complete without mentioning photographs of the wedding day. Contact your photographer before leaving for a honeymoon so that when you came back, the photos are ready, and you can enjoy scanning it while having a nice cup of coffee in the morning. It will make you feel nostalgic and happy at the same time reminiscing all those beautiful memories on your wedding day.

#8 Close Out Your Wedding Registry

Right after your honeymoon, make a list of the gifts you did and did not receive from your wedding registry. Check if there are items that you do not need or want or if there are any duplicate gifts. Return or exchange the gifts you do not need or want, then ask your retailer if they have any registry completion discounts that you can avail to purchase gifts you did not receive, but still want to have. 

The checklist above is just a part of the long list of things that you need to do right after your wedding. However, it’s best to start doing the essential things first so that you won’t get overwhelmed. If you have other urgent things that you need to add on this list, go ahead and add it so you won’t miss it at all.