6 Tips in Achieving a Cozy Wedding Reception

Cozy Wedding Venue

Deciding on the venue of your wedding is one of the challenging aspects of preparing for your wedding day. You need to consider a lot of things - the budget, the location, and the decorations. 

To veer away from the typical indoor venues, you can opt to choose an outdoor wedding venue for a more intimate event where you can be creative and play with the landscape and other elements nature has to offer. 

You can experiment with different classical design elements of a typical wedding to add to the look of your wedding venue.

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There are a lot of inspirations or ideas for wedding venue decoration that you can consider. You can browse through wedding magazines, wedding blogs online, and even in Pinterest! 

To make things easier, you can coordinate closely with your wedding planning team to incorporate the ideas you have. Below are a few ideas you might want to include in your wedding venue:

Candles and Lights

Use of lanterns and fairy lights has been very trendy these days. The light from candles, lanterns, and fairy lights creates a romantic and intimate ambience to your venue. You can use spotlights to highlight the key parts of your venue such as the couple’s table, dance floor, and food stations. 

Candles are also perfect as centerpieces for tables which will help in illuminating the ornaments you have in your setup, such as flower arrangements and others. Dimming the lights and letting the candles radiate exudes a cozy feeling that your guests will surely love. 

Choose a Warm Color Palette

Warm colors give off a homey feeling to your venue. Compared to light colors, dark and rich colors will make the space seem smaller which is ideal in transforming your venue into an intimate one. Wood details and hues like crimson, burgundy, green, and gold are colors you can use for your venue.

You can also use some patterns that have a combination of light and dark colors in fabrics that you will use such as table covers, layered rugs for the floor and backdrops to add beauty to your decorations.

Set up a Lounge Space

Lounge spaces with couches, ottomans, and other furniture where guests can relax are perfect for making your wedding venue cozy. Your guests can chat, eat, and drink their wines before going to the dance floor and mingle with other guests. 

Mixed Table Setting

You can opt to choose a traditional table setting for your reception where you have the chairs and tables. Long farm tables are best suited for this kind of set-up to give a “family” style dining to your guests. In contrast, you can also use small tables which will instantly make your wedding an intimate event.  If you have an outdoor venue, a mixed table setting is perfect for this. You can use tables and floor seating set-up. 

Your guests can spread out and be comfortable with this kind of set-up. Large blankets and throw pillows are very useful for this. You can also distribute throw blankets to your guest which is perfect for snuggling. This can also be an additional item to your souvenirs that your guest can bring to their homes. 

Add Activity Spaces

Aside from the dance floor where your guests can dance and mingle the whole night, you can also maximize the space of your venue by adding activity spaces. These spaces will make your guests busy the whole night. 

Photo booth is one option you can consider. It is a fun way of creating photographic memories of your special day. Plus you and your guests can have a copy of the photo they took - another item to add to their souvenirs.

Set up a Food Truck or Food Stations

To maximize the space of your wedding venue, you can set up different food stations. This will encourage your guests to interact with one another while selecting food from different food stations. It is also a fun way to keep your guests busy the whole span of your wedding reception. You need to have a variety of food and drink selections – desserts, savory food, warm drinks, and even alcoholic drinks. 

You can have S’mores snack bars which young guests will surely enjoy. Serve warm drinks like eggnogs and hot chocolate.  Home-cooked inspired meals are best for this kind of venue to make your guests feel at home. 

Pies served as dessert are a perfect representation of home-cooked food. You can bake it yourself while following the recipe that was passed-down from your older generation -a very lovely and sentimental act to do on your wedding.

Now that you have a few ideas or inspirations for decorating your venue, you can use these to create the space of your special day more romantic, beautiful, and cozy.