5 Reasons Why Wedding Dress Preservation Is Beneficial

preserved wedding dresses

The sad fact is that you are probably only going to wear the wedding dress that you spent a significant amount of time and money on, once. After your wedding day, it is probably going to be relegated to a box in the back of your cupboard and only makes an appearance on sentimental occasions. 

Wedding dress preservation does however have its benefits. Especially if you are thinking of passing it on to future generations to be worn and enjoyed again.

5 Benefits of having you wedding dress expertly preserved include:

1. Prevent Fading And Yellowing

Time, exposure to light, moisture and dust all have a negative effect on even the most expensive wedding dress fabrics. Colors fade and white turns yellow. Preservation involves treating the fabric with a special solution in order to prevent fading and yellowing over.

2. Stitching And Fraying

Wedding dresses are tailored to fit the bride to perfection and involves multiple, tiny stitches (not to mention each tiny stitch used to apply decorative elements such as sequins, crystals, lace and ribbon). These stitches are particularly prone to deterioration over time. The preservation process will protect the stitches from fraying preventing seems from becoming loose and decorative elements falling off.


3. Delicate Materials

Just like stitching, delicate materials such as lace and netting are particularly prone to deterioration. The preservation process is designed to protect these delicate materials in order to ensure that they are not affected by time even if they are packed away from potentially damaging elements.


4. Professional Cleaning

An expert preservation starts with cleaning the wedding dress and removing any marks or stains that may have occurred on your special day. Stain removal and cleaning is critical before preservation of the gown can take place. Expert cleaning should take place as soon as possible after the dress has been worn to be effective. The longer stains and dirt are left untreated, the more difficult they are to remove.


5. Creases And Folds

A wedding dress that spends an extended period of time in storage is going to become creased. These creases can be extremely difficult to remove and may need to be steamed and/or ironed repeatedly to be effectively removed. A wedding dress preservation treatment will not prevent a dress becoming creased but may make it much easier to remove folds and creases that are a result of long-term storage.

Wedding dress preservation is the ideal means to ensure that the fabric, decorative elements and stitching of a gown remain in pristine condition for years to come.