4 Essential Reasons Why Brides Should Restore Their Gowns

4 Essential Reasons Why Brides Should Restore Their Gowns

A wedding gown is probably the most important yet the priciest purchase of the bride during her wedding. Most brides will even have their wedding dress customized and ordered from a well-known designer. Although she only gets to wear it once, it still holds one of the most significant memories of her life. 

That is why having their wedding gown cleaned and preserved is very important. Compared to an ordinary dress, wedding gowns are usually intricately designed with a lot of details and can’t be cleaned easily through a wash and dry service. It takes a professional to completely clean a wedding dress because there are invisible stains that need deep cleaning. 

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation companies also advise brides to have their dress restored before preserving it so it can last longer. But if you are still doubtful why you have to do these things, we listed essential reasons why brides should restore their gowns.

#1 Sentimental Value

As mentioned earlier, wedding gowns serve as memorabilia on your wedding day. It is one of the things that will remind you of the happy moments you had with your family, friends, and of course, your husband. Brides took a lot of effort into picking the best design that fits them well. That is why its sentimental value is incomparable.

That is why brides should restore their wedding gowns. Aside from keeping the memories that it holds, brides can also pass it on to their daughter or granddaughter later. Old items and styles always become trendy at some point, so have your gown restored so that you can show it off to your kids in the future.

#2 To Make the Dress Last Longer

If you are planning to sell your gown, keep it for personal purposes, or put it for rent, then the more reason that you should have it cleaned and restored. Your dress can get messy and tear on your wedding day without you noticing because you get so busy moving around entertaining your guests. 

Mud and different kinds of stains might stick to your gown that can’t even be cleaned by wash and dry services. The beadings and other details might also get destroyed and rip. You cannot sell, keep, or have your gown rented in that condition. That is why you should have it restored to make it last longer. 

#3 To Remove Invisible Stains

Invisible stains like grease, oil, and can damage your wedding dress more than the visible ones. Since you cannot see it, it is difficult to have it cleaned and removed, that is why you will need a professional to do deep cleaning and restoration. 

Fabric experts use advanced cleaning technologies to remove invisible stains and make your gown look spotless, bright, and brand new. Remember that you cannot remove invisible stains only with water and detergent. Have it cleaned by a fabric expert then get it restored so you can keep it for a longer time without any damage and stains.

#4 Make Your Gown Look Brand New

Nothing is more thrilling than seeing your wedding gown after its cleaned and restored. It will look similar to the first day you bought and wore it, and it feels like you’re getting married again. You will be amazed at how clean it is that you’ll want to wear it again. 

Having a gown restored is a precious moment for brides who own a sentimental dress that is handed down by their parents or grandparents. It might be rustic and delicate already, but our fabric experts can make it look brand new with our restoration technology. The lovely gown of your grandmother can now be handed down to the next generations.

Do not overthink about restoring your gown because there is no need to worry about it at all. Gown restoration is not a requirement for brides. Instead, it is more of sound advice to keep the sentimental value and memories of your wedding day. 

It always depends on how you will make use of your dress right after your wedding. If you just rented your gown, then there is no need to restore it. But if you have it customized or made by a designer, it is best to have it restored and keep its value. 

Remember to follow your choice because it is your wedding gown, and if you have decided to get your dress restored, our fabric experts can help you! As a Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation company of millions of brides, we make sure to deliver exemplary service in our wedding gown restoration service. Contact us today and have your wedding dress restored!