10 Simple Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Wedding Vendors

Bride and Groom

Apart from the couples who need to cancel their wedding plans this year due to COVID-19, one of the most hit with this pandemic is the wedding vendors. These vendors have been with the bride and the groom since day one of planning their wedding. They know every detail and all the challenges that the groom and bride to go through. That is why they deserve a shout out more than anyone else. 

As everyone is trying to find out how to navigate through this pandemic, wedding vendors are also trying their best to support their clients as possible as they can. Some couples might decide to have a virtual wedding instead or have a smaller celebration. In that case, vendors are also trying to adjust everything to accommodate the needs and requests of the couple. 

With all those efforts, it is only right to give appreciation and gratitude to your vendors even in the simplest ways possible. If you are not sure how to do it, we have listed simple ways on how you can show gratitude to your wedding vendors without spending too much.

#1 Give an early tip

Most couples do give a tip to their dedicated and hardworking vendors after the wedding when the service has been fulfilled. However, during this unprecedented time, it will be a simple way of showing gratitude to your vendors if you give them tip ahead of time. That is not required and absolute though, do it only if you can and if you have a spear budget before your wedding. 

#2 Give an honest and positive review on their social media pages

There is nothing more genuine in showing your gratitude for your vendor than leaving positive and honest comments on their social media pages. The first thing that couples look into when looking for vendors and preparing for their wedding are the reviews of the clients. That way, other brides and grooms to be can read your reviews and know how amazing and hardworking your vendors are. 

You can simply leave comments on how professional they handle your requests and how accommodating your vendors are. Those simple reviews will go a long way for them and will surely help boost their business.

#3 Do not delay payments

One of the main problems that vendors are experiencing right now is how to financially survive despite the pandemic. Making sure that you pay on time for the services is one of the simple ways to show gratitude to your vendors. It will help them big time in setting up all the needed resources for your wedding without experiencing financial burden. On the other hand, it can also assure you that everything is going smoothly as scheduled and that there will be no delays in the preparations for your big day. 

#4 Refer them to your friends and family

A lot of couples are struggling to move and adjust their wedding dates to the most possible time available. With that, they may lose their original vendors along the way due to unforeseen conflicts. Refer your vendors to them. Nothing can beat the power of word-of-mouth when it comes to marketing whether a product or service. 

Giving out referrals is like hitting two birds in one stone. You get to help your friends go on with their wedding plans while helping your vendors have more clients. 

#5 Prepare small tokens for your vendors

Aside from giving them a tip, prepare simple yet memorable tokens for your vendor. It can be a gift card, personalized stuff, or anything that they can use on their daily hustle. They will surely appreciate it knowing that you are satisfied with their work and service. 

#6 Give them shout outs to your social media accounts

This is one of the cost-free and simplest ways to show your gratitude to your vendors. Give them shout out to your social media accounts where a lot of people can see it. That way they will be aware of your vendors and might consider having them as their wedding vendor as well. 

Make use of the power of this digital age to show gratitude to your vendors. They will surely love that knowing that they can benefit from it to make their business known in the industry.

#7 Put their contacts in your contact list

Loyal clients make all vendors happy and satisfied. Keep your vendors in your contact list because you never know when you’ll need them again. You can contact them during your anniversary or other significant events in your life. Nothing is more satisfying for the vendors than to know that you appreciate and like their work and recognize their hard work. 

#8 Do not pressure them too much

Your vendors are aware of the stress and pressure that you feel when it comes to your wedding preparations. That is why there is no need to pressure them from time to time. As someone who has been in the industry and has helped out thousands of couples in planning their wedding, they exactly know what to do. Cheer them up and be more patient and they highly appreciate that act of kindness. 

#9  Write them letters of thanks

Emails and calls are great ways of showing how thankful you are to your vendors. However, there is something special to handwritten letters than will surely flutter your vendors. There is a more emotional attachment to it and your vendors will feel more ecstatic receiving those hand letters from you. You can write it in a simple thank you card or a handmade card, depending on your preference. 

#10 Pay them in full if possible 

Most couples do have a payment plan contract with their vendors especially if they want to make sure that everything is fulfilled first before paying in full. However, you can also consider paying the full amount in advance as a show of gratitude to their hard work and in accommodating all your requests. This will also show how much you trust your vendors. This is not required though, only do it if you have enough budget available. 

Giving thanks and showing gratitude to wedding vendors is something that couples forget sometimes because of the overwhelming feeling during their wedding. That is understandable but if you have the means, resources, and time, do go back to your vendors and show them how satisfied and thankful you are to their service. A simple thank you will do and they will appreciate that a lot but if you can go the extra mile, your wedding vendors will be very happy and satisfied.