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The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company is the best preservation company in the United States. For over 100 years, we have cleaned and preserved wedding gowns. Once you order the wedding gown preservation kit, it will quickly ship to you. Simply pack and ship the gown to us in our prepaid insured box. Once we receive the gown from you, we quickly unbox and inspect the gown and tag it with your name.

Once the gown is in our system, we will use our STSTEMK4 Cleaning Technology to clean your gown. If needed, we will do minor repairs to the gown. Next, we will reinspect the gown and box it in our preservation kit. Lastly, we will notify you that the gown is being shipped to you! Your gown preservation is our number one priority.

Your gown preservation is our number one priority.

1. Ordering your Preservation Kit

Order your preservation kit online today. The traditional wedding gown preservation kit (dresses under $700) or the celebrity wedding gown preservation kit ((dresses over $700) on our website for FREE fast shipping.

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2. Packing & Shipping Your Gown

After you place your order on our website, your desired wedding gown preservation kit will arrive at your home within 5-7 days. This packaging contains of a hefty grade shipping box, shipping tape, stain stickers and a water proof preservation bag along with the form and prepaid shipping label that will be used for your gown's journey to the preservation area.

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3. Arrival at Our Facility

Once we receive your order, we will ship it out the same day (orders received by 12 PM EST). The kit will shipping from our headquarters in New York and will arrive in 3-5 business days. The kit will include a safety tested shipping box, water activated shipping tape, removable stain stickers, and a water proof bag for protection. Additionally, there will be forms and prepaid shipping labels. With the prepaid label, you will be able to track every step of your gown to our warehouse. Once the gowns enters our warehouse, you will be able to track the status of the gown from start to end.

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4.SYSTEMK4 Cleaning Technology

Our patented SYSTEMK4 cleaning is used solely to treat the delicately fabrics of designer wedding gowns. This patented technology ensures that ALL forms of dirty will be removed from your gown. This helps prevent yellowing of your wedding gown.

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5. Stitching and Beading Repairs

Our highly skilled seamstress will do a quality check of your gown to ensure no damaged has happened to the gown. Every stitch and bead is looked over to ensure the best preservation.

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6. The Return Journey

Once your gown has been cleaned and preserved. It will be placed in the preservation box. The preservation box will be placed in a crush proof shipping container to ensure the safety of the gown. The box will be sealed and a shipping notification will be sent to your email. Your gown is now guaranteed not to yellow for 100 years.

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