How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Wedding Gown Dry Cleaned in 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Wedding Gown Dry Cleaned in 2024

The wedding is over, the cake is gone, and you're left with a beautiful reminder – your wedding dress! But after a day of celebrations, your dress might not be quite as pristine as it once was. 

So, what now? Well, dry cleaning is one option you cannot go wrong with. But the cost of the service is often a mystery. So, before you panic about sky-high cleaning bills, let's break down the cost of getting your wedding gown dry-cleaned in 2024.

What is the Difference Between Preservation and Dry Cleaning?

Before we move on to our main topic of wedding gown dry cleaning prices, let’s clear up one common misconception: preservation and cleaning are not the same thing! Here’s a breakdown of the two:

  • Dry Cleaning: Wedding gown cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt, stains, and sweat from your gown, preventing permanent damage and discoloration.
  • Preservation: It is a multi-step process that involves cleaning, stain removal, and storing your dress in a special, acid-free box to prevent yellowing and damage over time. 

While preservation is a great way to keep your dress looking pristine for years to come, it's still an optional step. However, dry cleaning your wedding dress is absolutely essential. Because, well, you wouldn't want those untreated stains of wine or makeup to settle in on your precious gown, would you?

Why Would You Want to Get Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned?

Even if you didn't have any visible spills or stains on your D-day, there's a good chance your outfit still needs cleaning. Why? Below are some reasons why you would want to get your dress dry-cleaned.

  • Untreated Stains: Remember that spilled wine or makeup? Left untreated, these stains will oxidize and become much harder (or even impossible) to remove later.
  • Protect Delicate Fabrics: Wedding gowns are often made from delicate fabrics like silk or lace. Cleaning with specialized techniques ensures these fabrics are not damaged.
  • Maintain Your Dress's Vibrancy: Cleaning removes dirt and grime, keeping your dress looking bright and white (or whatever its original color was!)

But wait, there are also situations where you might consider dry cleaning your dress before the big day:

  • Postponed Wedding: If, due to some situation, your D-day is postponed and your attire has already begun to yellow, then you’ll want to get your dress dry-cleaned.
  • Second-hand Dress: Did you purchase your dress from a consignment store? If yes, then you’ll probably want it cleaned before D-day.
  • Unexpected Spills: Let's face it, accidents happen! So, if something spills on your gown before the wedding, professional cleaning can save the day.

DIY Dry Cleaning Vs. Professional Dry Cleaning

Maybe you're confused about whether you should tackle dry cleaning yourself at home with a DIY kit or take your garments to a professional service. Well, to help you decide, here's a table that will break down the key differences between DIY and professional dry cleaning:


DIY Dry Cleaning 

Professional Dry Cleaning

Expertise & Knowledge 

Requires reading instructions and understanding fabric care labels.

Professionals have extensive knowledge of fabrics and cleaning techniques.

Stain Removal

May remove light stains, but ineffective for most, especially oil-based or set-in stains.

Professionals have specialized stain removal techniques and products.

Cost Consideration

Cheaper in the short term but may require frequent cleaning due to lower effectiveness.

Can be more expensive upfront but often provides better value in the long run.

Time & Effort

Requires time to purchase kits, read instructions, and clean the clothes yourself.

Saves time and effort as professionals handle everything.

Risk of Damage

Higher risk of damaging garments due to improper cleaning or stain removal methods.

Lower risk of damage as professionals are trained and have the right equipment.

Suitability for Fabrics

May not be suitable for all fabrics, especially delicate ones.

Suitable for a wider range of fabrics, including delicate materials.


Clothes may not be as crisp or wrinkle-free as professionally done.

Professionals can press and finish clothes to look their best.

It's clear from the table that if you want to prevent disasters and give your garment the best possible care, a professional wedding gown cleaning service is the way to go. They have the expertise and equipment to handle your clothes safely and effectively, leaving them looking fresh and pressed.

So, How Much Does it Actually Cost?

Now for the big question: how much does it take to dry clean a wedding dress?  Generally, expect to pay between $200 and $500 for a professional wedding dress cleaning in 2024. At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation, our Clean Only Wedding Dress Preservation Kit starts at only $225. 

Note: We do offer special deals on our kits from time to time, so don't forget to keep an eye out!

However, keep in mind that this is not the fixed price, as there are some factors that can influence the final price.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning

There are only a few circumstances when the cost of your dry cleaning will be higher than usual. Here's what can add to the bill:

  • Rush Shipping: 

If you want your dress sooner than the mentioned processing time, you can always opt for rush shipping. Choosing this option will help you get your dress in a shorter span of time with a small additional fee. 

  • Additional Insurance: 

One of the reasons why you’ll want to spend a little more than the set amount on dry cleaning is if you have a designer or expensive gown. While our Clean Only Wedding Dress Preservation Kit includes $1,000 worth of shipping insurance, you can still opt for additional insurance for your peace of mind.

  • Level of Stains and Yellowing: 

Now, let us ask you something - is the gown you want to get dry-cleaned over 20 years old? If yes, then dry cleaning might just not do it, and you would want to choose our Restoration Wedding Dress Preservation Kit, which will cost you only $473 (and trust us, it's definitely worth it). This kit takes extra care of your dress and makes sure the gown reaches you looking as good as new.

At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation, we don’t charge anything extra for delicate fabric, embellishments, or the size and weight of the dress. 

What Should You Expect For The Cost of Wedding Dress Cleaning?

When you entrust your gown to us, you can expect exceptional care from start to finish. Here's a breakdown of what you'll receive with each of our wedding dress cleaning options:

Clean Only Kit:

  • Museum-Quality Cleaning: We'll carefully clean your dress using gentle methods to preserve its beauty.
  • $1000 Shipping Insurance Included: Your dress will be fully insured during both legs of its journey.
  • Placed on Form Bust: Your dress will be stored on a specialized form to maintain its shape.
  • Gown Tracking Included: Track your dress's progress every step of the way.
  • FREE 2-Way Insured Shipping: We'll cover the cost of shipping your dress to us and back to you with full insurance.

Restoration Kit:

If you decide to take a step up and opt for our restoration kit, then in addition to the benefits of the clean-only kit, you'll receive:

  • Museum-Quality Restoration: Our experts will address any minor tears, stains, or damage to restore your outfit to its original brilliance.
  • White Preservation Chest: Your dress will be stored in a beautiful, acid-free chest to protect it from light and dust.
  • 100-Year Anti-Yellowing Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dress will stay white for generations.
  • Additional Items Preserved: We can also preserve your veil, shoes, or other wedding keepsakes for an additional fee.

How Long Does Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Take?

The turnaround time usually depends on how intricate your gown is and how busy the cleaner is. Simpler gowns with fewer layers can be finished in just a few days, while elaborate dresses with beads or lace may take up to a month.

At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation, we understand your dress is special. That's why we typically get your gown back to you in 2-3 weeks. However, if you need it sooner, we also offer rush shipping that can get your dress back in under 14 days for a minimal $35 fast processing fee!

So, Don’t Wait Anymore! Get Your Wedding Gown Professionally Cleaned Today!

Now that you know the ins and outs of wedding gown dry cleaning costs, there's no reason to delay. Get your precious dress cleaned and preserve those beautiful memories for years to come with Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation. We will ensure your gown stays as stunning as your wedding day – ready to be passed down for generations or enjoyed for another special occasion.